Test Your Way to Success - Using Conversion Testing to Grow Revenue

Country Topic: Data & Analytics
Language: English
When: Jun 27, 2012

Join Kevin Eichelberger, Founder and CEO of Blue Acorn, as he walks you through the details of how to grow revenue by implementing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tests with Magento. Kevin and his team have been providing CRO Testing & optimization services on Magento clients for years, to which you'll be able to learn through real examples and scenarios.

He'll educate you on the science of conversion optimization, covering the process, methodologies, and technologies avaiable for testing. Kevin will then demonstrate Magento's native integration with Google Website Optimizer, with real examples of the types of A/B and MVT tests you can run, along with actual advanced testing scenarios delivered through custom development and some tips and tricks to boot.

-Conversion Optimization can grow revenue
-To use Magento's native integration with Google Website Optimizer to start testing today
-To implement advanced testing scenarios in Magento

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