Extend Your Global Reach & Beat the Competition with Shipping and Fulfillment

Country Topic: Integrations
Language: English
When: Oct 9, 2013

At Shipwire, we believe the web should make getting product to your customers as easy and efficient as it has made selling it to them. We have leveled the playing field for thousands of brands by helping them reduce time & costs related to shipping, expanding overseas, and improving their operations.

Shipping is a huge part of the eCommerce experience, from giving you a competitive edge by shortening your delivery time, to improving your conversions by offering your customers free shipping. In today's business environment, it is necessary to seek that competitive edge in many ways: the challenges of shipping and storage, international expansion, and selling across channels are important ones to overcome, and we find that smart brands overcome them in smart ways.

Join us for this webinar in which we will answer some important questions about growing your brand and shipping the products you sell through your Magento store:

-How do you keep shipping and storage costs down and make the most of your shipping operations?
-What is the eCommerce market like in the world? Is there a case for expanding your global customer base?
-What are the challenges for brands seeking to expand? How do smart brands do it?
-How does order fulfillment fit with the goals of your brand?
-What are the best ways to mitigate against the annual shipping rate increases? Shipwire will answer these and more questions during the webinar, and share top tips from the experts in global logistics and many customers who did it right.

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