Revitalize your Customers Lifetime Value and Repeat Business

Country Topic: Marketing
Language: English
When: Jun 19, 2013

Use Smart Data to Keep More Customers & Rock the Holidays!

Windsor Circle presents 9 powerful automation capabilities every retailer can harness to double their repeat buyers, realize 5x customer lifetime value, and see fantastic ROI. Use segmented, automated, and personalized email marketing campaigns to leverage smart data.

Andrew Pearson, Windsor Circle VP of Marketing, and Brad McGinity, Co-Founder and VP of Sales, will highlight and explain the most important data sets to leverage for smarter email marketing, explore best practices and demonstrate how any retailer can begin or enhance data-driven, automated marketing programs within your email software of choice.

They'll place a special emphasis on the data, segments, and automated emails you can build to have a measurable impact before, during, and after the holidays. We'll include real examples of excellent, well-performing retention marketing emails from joint Magento / Windsor Circle clients, such as BulbAmerica and OneHopeWine. From Welcome Series to Win Back Campaigns, Product Recommendations to Replenishment Campaigns, we’ll teach you how to integrate, analyze, and leverage your Magento data to automate your retention marketing.

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