Retailers Success Strategy: Converting Data into Customer Intelligence

Country Topic: Data & Analytics
Language: English
When: Oct 3, 2012

Do you know who your customers are? Or are you blasting to everyone in your database? Do you feel overwhelmed with your accumulated customer data and don’t know how to leverage that data? Are you a brick and click Retailer with challenges to integrate your offline and online systems to centralize your data? Data is a strategic asset that is key to email relationship marketing. To survive and thrive, Retailers need to leverage the power wrapped in their data, use customer purchase history and purchase behavior to know who their customers are and create smart segments to their client base for more effective, targeted promotions to retain and reactivate customers. Converting data into customer intelligence and implementing that data starts with an ecommerce environment and sending relevant transactional and product messages to the right person and time. Come join Emailvision in this groundbreaking webinar to learn how: - Customer Intelligence enable Retailers to leverage their fast-growing customer data and turn it into profitable campaigns in a short time - dentify new cross-selling opportunities - Increase your return on investment Attend this webinar and get a free ‘Customer Intelligence for Marketers’ white paper on compelling prospectives on how Customer Intelligence has changed marketing!

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