Personalized & Real Time Customer Engagement for Magento Merchants

Country Topic: Marketing
Language: English
When: Feb 27, 2013

Join us and PredictiveIntent - now an Emailvision company - to find out how Magento merchants can leverage dynamic store personalization combined with behaviorally targeted messages to achieve an average 40% increase in conversions. In this groundbreaking webinar, you’ll see how store personalization empowers retailers to merchandise more effectively and drive evidence-based decision making. This webinar will highlight companies that have adopted and benefited from these winning strategies - presented by Neil Hamilton, Co-Founder of PredictiveIntent.

In addition, you will learn how to:

•Identify the customers and prospects who are most likely to buy your product
•Create a personalization strategy for your store and other touchpoints
•Increase Average Order Value through smart merchandising logic
•Accurately track and analyze the results of marketing programs
•Create engaging emails that include personalized product recommendations, relevant content and much more!

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