Optimize your Customers' Shopping Experience

Country Topic: Building Your Store
Language: English
When: Mar 20, 2013

A recent survey by Comscore.com showed that 40% of online shoppers abandoned their shopping carts because shipping and handling costs were listed too late. Shipping is a key component of the online shopping experience. In this webinar, we'll explore efficient ways for you to reduce cart abandonment and increase repeat repurchase by leveraging your shipping and delivery options - presented by Aurelien Leftick, Manager of e-Commerce Partnership Development at Canada Post.

With this webinar, you will:
• Gain insights of on Canadian customer expectations related to shopping and shipping.
• Address shipping problems and irritants throughout the shopping work-flow.
• How to make your entire purchase, shipping, delivery, and returns process even easier—for both you and your online shoppers with new extensions that integrate Canada Post’s product to your Magento store.

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