Five Steps to Building a Successful Social Loyalty Program

Country Topic: Marketing
Language: English
When: May 9, 2012

Build a Roadmap

Approach social loyalty as you would any other marketing initiative: define objectives and measures of success and develop a strategic roadmap. Keep it flexible and configurable to iterate and optimize results. Evaluate your program by monitoring the actions taken and reward redemption rates before and after adjustments.

Focus on the Customer Experience

Keep your social loyalty program simple and user-friendly to promote maximum engagement. Customers engage with your brand in many ways and their expectations are higher than ever. Integrate your social loyalty strategy onsite and with social media channels, using each touchpoint as an opportunity to engage your customers and deepen your relationship. Utilize technology that adds value to the customer experience without adding unnecessary steps.

Other topics include:

-Identifying and Enabling Your Advocates
-Recognizing and Rewarding Top Customers
-Staying Relevant

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