Fight Chargebacks Before They Happen

Country Topic: Data & Analytics
Language: English
When: Jul 11, 2012

Chargebacks cost retailers and banks billions of dollars every year. In a 2011 report for LexisNexis, Javelin Strategy & Research revealed that online companies pay $2.40 to recover every dollar of chargeback fraud. When online merchants already experience twice the amount of fraud as other merchants, fraudulent chargebacks add up to a serious problem for everyone involved in e-commerce. Payment acceptance expert at SignatureLink, will show how retailers can take a proactive stance against chargeback fraud.

-How simple psychology can work in your favor and deter criminals from targeting your online store in the first place
-Where to get the forensic evidence banks require in fraudulent chargeback cases
-How to implement behavior analysis, device authentication and other fraud pre-screening measures that will protect you from e-commerce fraud

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