Win the Digital Marketing “Game of Clouds”

Country Topic: Building Your Store
Language: English
When: Jul 30, 2014

There’s a battle brewing in the digital marketing world – call it the “Game of Clouds.” Technology giants and best of breed marketing technology solutions are battling and fighting for the hearts and minds (and dollars) of marketers.

The “Game of the Clouds” can be messy, leaving customers frustrated and confused and on edge as to which marketing cloud is the best.

Now, marketers no longer have to worry about picking one cloud over the other. No, they can build their own cloud with the best pieces of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Choice and power are just two of the big benefits companies experience when building their own clouds. Join this webinar to see how you can win the “Game of Clouds” and begin to maximize your marketing cloud investments. Learn how to:
• Breath new life into existing digital marketing vendor relationships
• Bring insights in from one channel another channel to drive action
• Leverage the strength of various digital marketing applications

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