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The In-Store Pickup extension allow merchants to offer Store Pickup as a delivery method in Magento.
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WebShopApps In-Store Pickup

About WebShopApps In-Store Pickup

Convenience for Customers, Simplicity for Merchants

Balancing the customer desire for convenience with the need to keep costs under control is a constant concern for most merchants. Our In-Store Pickup extension addresses both concerns by letting merchants sell products which are already in stock at or can be shipped to stores while giving customers the convenience of picking up their order locally.

Full Control
Our In-Store Pickup extension gives you the tools you need to manage customer expectations by integrating with live carrier shipping rates, our custom shipping rates modules, flat rate shipping, or free shipping at your choice. Additionally, by setting pickup and production blackout dates and times customers will be given accurate estimates of when their order will be available.

You can configure multiple store locations to be shown to customers at checkout or in their cart. In-Store Pickup will default to the closest location, but gives customers the option of select another location if desired. Customers will be giving the details of their chosen location with a location map, address, and business hours on checkout.

A Multitude of Uses
While In-Store Pickup is excellent for single stores or chains from large to small no matter what you're selling, this extension is especially suited for merchants whose products are particularly bulky, fragile, or sensitive. If shipping direct to customers is challenging logistically or legally, offering store pickup can be the ideal solution. In-Store Pickup is great for merchants who sell:
• Perishable Goods
• Furniture & Household Goods
• Food & Beverages
• Fragile Merchandise
• Hazardous Materials
• Guns & Ammo

Need more information?
More details, documentation, and demos are available on our In-Store Pickup page.

WebShopApps In-Store Pickup Features

• Show multiple stores
• Auto-select closest location, based on customer's address or location
• Display store map, address, & hours of operation on checkout and customer emails
• Show only to nearby customers
• Set blackout days
• Set cutoff times
• Set lead times
• Limit number of pickups per time slot
• Charge for shipping or offer free pickup
• Use live carrier rates for charges

Play with these features and see how they meet your needs on a live In-Store Pickup demo!

What's New in Version 1.4

• Configure display of Pickup options in Shopping Cart
• Configure display of Pickup options in Checkout
• Display Store Pickup as an option on the first step of checkout
• Optionally use GeoIP to guess customer location
• Allow customers to choose pickup date with Date Picker Calendar
• Optionally allow same-day pickup
• Set lead times in days or hours
• Allows customers to lookup pickup locations by ZIP code/Postal Code

We're Here to Support You

We offer several levels of support to cater for different clients needs. Please note that 1/2 hour of initial support is included with your purchase to help you get up and running. Additionally, our In-Store Pickup Knowledge Base is available around the clock and contains installation & configuration instructions and a variety of examples addressing a number of use-cases.

If you have complicated installation and configuration needs or just want some backup, we have a dedicated team on hand across US & UK business hours to point you in the right direction. Several support options are available and there's sure to be one to fit your needs. Check for more details of these support packages.

We have built our company on the strength of our customer service reputation and high-quality customer service is our top priority.

Why buy from WebShopApps?

Wondering which extension will fit your needs?
As Magento Platinum Industry Partners with years of experience, we are experts in Magento and ecommerce shipping. Give us your custom shipping requirements and we'll help you find a solution. We will identify the ideal extension or mix of extensions where possible, and can write custom solutions where required. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other WebShopApps Extensions
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Additional Information
Please note this price is exclusive of VAT. VAT of 20% will be added to the price of this extension at the checkout for all customers purchasing from the UK and for EU customers without a VAT number.

In-Store Pickup has a significant checkout footprint and as such is not generally compatible with custom checkout extensions out of the box. Using In-Store Pickup with custom checkout extensions may require significant configuration.

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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by ShipperHQ

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