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Calculate shipping tax based on cart contents in Magento
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WebShopApps Tax on Shipping

Standard Magento features only support a flat shipping tax. Our Tax On Shipping extension is the perfect solution if your region demands more complex shipping tax rules.

Tax On Shipping gives you the ability to calculate shipping tax based on cart contents. Choose from several configuration options to define shipping tax rules that work for your location.

The added control over shipping tax rules makes the Tax On Shipping extension particularly well suited to EU customers.


• Determine shipping tax based on cart contents

• Several algorithm options to calculate tax rates on shipping

• Apply the highest or lowest tax rate of items in the cart to shipping charges

• Apply a flat tax rate to shipping only when taxable items are in the cart

• Apply tax rate with the highest sum value of items in the cart to shipping charges

• Determine proportion of shipping to tax based on shipment weight

• Compatible with any shipping method and existing tax rules

• Support for tax inclusive and exclusive pricing

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M1 Extension Versions

Uses the contents of the cart to determine at run time what tax rate to apply to shipping charges

2011-05-05 06:16:58
  • Version number: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility:, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6,,,,, 1.10, 1.11

WebShopApps: Tax on Shipping

Standard Magento allows you to apply a flat rate of tax to shipping charges. With this extension you can configure shipping tax to be determined at run time based on the products in the cart and their tax rates. It is compatible with all Magento shipping extensions including UPS, flat rate, Matrixrate


  • Charge the highest or lowest tax rate in the cart on the total shipping costs
  • Only apply tax on shipping when there is a taxable item in the cart, tax rate is flat
  • Use the proportional weight of each line item to determine shipping tax (more information and examples on this option in documentation)


Interactive Demonstrations

See the live demonstration of Tax on Shipping here.


Various Levels of Support

Our experienced team at WebShopApps have built up a wealth of knowledge on these extensions and within the shipping space, and we offer different levels of support to cater for different clients needs. Please note that initial support to help you get up and running is included within the purchase of all extensions - this is all part of our service.

More support options are available for those customers who want a higher level of support around installation, configuration or just someone on hand for a short while. Check our website for more details of these support packages. The important thing is that we have a dedicated team on hand to point you in the right direction if you get stuck. Our wiki provides tons of examples - most scenarios we have encountered are in there and are documented in some form.

We have built our company on the strength of our customer service reputation (check out our reviews) so please be assured that customer service is #1 on our list of priorities.


When should I use a different shipping extension?

We specialise in the Magento shipping space - give us your customer shipping requirements and we can usually come up with a solution for you - we will identify the ideal extension or mix of extensions where possible, and we also can write custom solutions where required. Contact us with your requirements.

Create variable handling fees with comprehensive table-based filtering with ability to filter on product type — then check out our Handling Fees Matrix extension.


Additional information

Please note this price is exclusive of VAT. VAT of 20% will be added to the price of this extension at the checkout for all customers purchasing from the UK and for EU customers without a VAT number.


Web :
Contact : <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Twitter :


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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by ShipperHQ

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