Profit and Loss Report

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Comprehensive Profit and Loss reports for Magento
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Profit and Loss Report

Profit & Loss Report Extension


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What is the Profit & Loss Report?

The Profit & Loss Report Module is designed to be used to track, monitor and visualise your business’s profits and losses beyond the data collected within your default Magento install. It utilizes the ‘Cost’ field in Magento’s Product Pricing menu to calculate product costs per order so you can monitor profitability of each order.

Simple and Easy. Enter your desired date range along with any other expenses you might have incurred in the period. With the click of a few buttons you can instantly visualize your business performance.

Cost Breakdown Tool. Automatically breaks down all your expense elements so you can see what’s costing you most. See your expenses in one easy to read pie chart.

Tax Time Breeze. Presents tax charged on an order level. It may simplify tax reporting needs by displaying per order and total tax charges.


Sales & profit margin information

See what’s making you the most profit and costing you the most expenditure

Select any date range you desire

Quick tax information reporting

Integrates line and pie charts for visual aid

Easy to understand summary of financials

Add your additional expenses and revenues to the report

Access from Magento admin area allowing you to assign

report access levels to different users

Easy to Install

1 Year of Free upgrades

What can it do?

The Profit & Loss Report Module allows its end users to compile, manage, view and edit profit and loss reports through an intuitive interface designed to be easy to use and understand. It is common knowledge that every business, be it online, a physical store or a combination of both has far more expenses than simply shipping costs, taxes and cost of goods. These can include wages, electricity, rent, marketing costs and other little expenses that may occur. Furthermore, the stores within your Magento shopping cart may not be the only streams of revenue that your business has. For instance, how would you handle cash sales? Or, what if you had other Magento installs that aren’t interrelated?

The Profit & Loss Report extension surpasses the functions of the existing sales and reporting data stored by default in your Magento database and allows for its end users to add additional expense and revenue items that are not built into the Magento system. This makes it possible to be able to visualize a business’s profits and losses in its entirety. This is key information when it comes to expanding and tweaking your business so it reaches its potential. It also has some handy features such as the ability to see your total cost of goods for a particular date range and date period.

Magento version older than 1.4?

With the Profit & Loss Report, you have the option of choosing where your cost data is retrieved from. If you are running Magento versions prior to 1.4, you can elect to pull your cost data directly from your products cost attributes. Magento 1.4 users can elect to pull cost data from the order table or the product cost attribute! Or for recent Magento 1.4 upgrades, users can select a hybrid of the two options so that cost data is pulled from product attribute costs when there is no cost data present in the orders tables. Some of our clients have even found it useful to compare profits over set periods with adjusted product cost values so as to see the impact of changing cost of goods on their bottom line.

How it improves on Magento’s existing Sales Report...

Makes it possible to incorporate any additional expense and revenue items you desire allowing you to have a complete visualization of your business’s profits and losses. Visually displays Profit & Loss information in easy to understand charts and graphs. Clearly shows your Cost of Goods Sold. Capable of generating a profit report for all Magento versions, even those before version 1.4. Capable of visualizing profits for past orders prior to Magento 1.4 populating sales order tables with cost data. Works around the duplicate cost summing bug where Magento calculates the cost of a configurable product along with its associated simple products. Saves your created Profit & Loss Reports for viewing and editing at any time.

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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by jtechextensions

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