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Manage your orders in bulk with one click. Save hours of time with Order Manager.
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Order Manager by Fooman

The only order management extension officially verified by Magento - Fooman Order Manager successfully passed Magento's very first extension verification audit in June 2015. The audit independently approved the coding standards, functionality and documentation - giving Fooman Order Manager the official Magento seal of approval and giving you peace of mind!

One click bulk order processing

One click bulk processing makes handling large order volumes a breeze:
• Invoice and mark all orders as shipped with one click from the Order Overview Screen - no more time consuming individual order processing
• Magento native invoices/shipments are automatically created
• Any configured sales emails are sent automatically
• Suitable for even the largest online stores - saves hours of time in administration each week compared with the standard Magento workflow

A powerful Order Overview Screen

This extension adds powerful and convenient functionality to the Order Overview Screen, to save you time:
• One click bulk order processing (as above)
• Perform mass order status updates (choose from 10 order status options)
• Enter, view and update shipping tracking number and carrier information (works with multiple shipping carriers)
• View the shipping address and details
• View tracking information provided by your shipping extension

Other features

• Set different user permissions for different tasks
• Full German translation files

Check out the instructions, user documentation and more reviews on the Fooman website.

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Please get in touch by email ( if you have any questions, rather than using the review section - you will get an answer much quicker!

What People are Saying about Fooman Order Manager

“I am in love with this module! I just shipped yesterdays invoices in a matter of minutes - this would have take me hours before! Thank you!!”

- aprilschroeder, via Magento Connect

“This is the one extension I never want to be without. Makes batch processing of orders so easy. We have a seasonal business selling Yaktrax branded ice grips in the UK from our site and can go from no orders for months on end to excessively high order volume after heavy and prolonged snow fall. If we had to process that order volume the Magento way on an individual order basis we'd never manage high season sales and would have to resort to a 3rd party fulfillment solution plugged into Magento.”

- WebBod, via Magento Connect

“Awesome extension so cool to bulk mark as shipped 50 items in one go and one click....”

- ivanreyes, via Magento Connect

M1 Extension Versions

Stop Dreading Managing the Orders. Save Hours by Processing them in Bulk!

2009-07-15 04:40:06
  • Version number: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6

Fooman / smARTebusiness Order Manager

If you want to use Magento for daily sales quantities over 10 orders then you should consider installing Order Manager - otherwise you are going to get swamped.

Out the box it's a nightmare processing orders in Magento. Some of our clients were even holding back on advertising, so they don't increase their orders too much (10 orders a day can already be a pretty full workload in standard Magento.)

We have written this Extension to allow them to process orders in bulk and to happily handle 100s of orders each day (without taking on extra staff AND be able to keep track of what is going on!)

Our typical client wants to be able to mark all orders as shipped with one click. This is now possible with Magento. We sent him the extension for testing and here is his email reply

“Just run this for the first time - and saved about an hour! Fantastic - very pleased...”
Simon Grant –

How it Works

We have added 3 extra dropdown options to the Order Page Action List:

‘Invoice Selected’, ‘Ship Selected’ and 'Invoice+Ship Selected' are now possible with 1 click via the drop down list. Simply select the orders you want to process, select from the drop down and click ‘submit’.

The selected action will then execute on these orders as if you had gone into the particular order and done it manually for all items of the order. Any emails that would normally be sent when you process an order individually will still be sent as normal according to Sales Emails settings.

The price mentioned above is based on a current exchange as of this writing. Please check our website for more details.

About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by FOOMAN

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