Rental Hire Calendar Booking System Inventory Management

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Rental business management extension with inventory calendars, flexible rental pricing & memberships.
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Rental Hire Calendar Booking System Inventory Management

Sales Igniter Magento Rental Booking System

Rental Bookings

  • Flexible pricing models. You can enter any number of pricing periods you want based on quantity and time period. Time periods are: minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. For example you could have a price for a 2 hour rental, 1 day rental, 3 day rental, 2 week rental, etc. The in-between pricing is pro-rated.
  • Rental inventory is automatically assigned when a customer places an order.
  • Admin: send and return rentals page. Rentals can be returned by date, order, or barcode. Tracking number can be assigned for shipping.
  • Bundles and packages. Offer multiple products together for rent or sell and correctly manage inventory checking for the entire bundle. For example rent together a camera with a tripod and memory cards, or a video game system with games.
  • Holidays and Store Closed dates
  • Time of day view to see when product is available during the day for hourly based rentals
  • Turnover Times field - time product is not available before and after a rental to account for shipping or maintenance
  • Minimum and Maximum rental periods
  • Management of dropoff and pickup dates can be separate from start and end dates of rental booking
  • Fixed rental dates and times – useful feature for tour companies. This means you can create a group of fixed rental dates in the admin that repeats daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Then you can assign these fixed rental dates to a product. Now your customers are not allowed to choose any rental date they want, only the pre-set ones that you assign.

Rental Contracts

  • Customers can sign their rental contracts online
  • Rental contract terms & conditions can be customized with the text you want, as well as variables for inserting your company info or customer info
  • You can also choose to instead manually have the customer sign the contract offline and store hard copies
  • Rental contracts can be attached to order emails as PDFs
  • Admin can download rental contract PDFs from the admin side

Product Maintenance

  • Create maintenance technicians
  • Create maintenance tickets that inform technician of maintenance required
  • Inventory can be removed from availability during time the maintenance is done
  • Ability to auto-schedule maintenance every X time period and a certain % of available inventory

Rental Memberships With Rental Queue

  • Ability to view what each of your customers has rented or has in their queue.
  • Ability to create new rental plans and modify current ones (how many days the rental plan is, how many rentals are allowed out, and the cost).
  • Send & Return rentals management
  • Creation and deletion of rental inventory
  • Member billing page showing the plan they are subscribed to and their next billing date.
  • Sends customers emails when a rental is shipped to them or a rental is received.
  • Rental queue page to prioritize pending rentals, and displays what rentals they currently have out.
  • Custom signup process where customer can pick what rental plan they want.
  • Ability to exclude certain products from certain rental memberships
  • Rental queue popularity report: learn what products are your customer favorites, check how many are avaiable, how many are in customer queue, how many are rented out

Detailed Reporting

All these reports can be exported to a CSV or Excel XML file

  • ROI Report (Profit and Revenue by Product): Enter product cost on edit product for calculations. Columns: Period, Product, Sku, Total Inventory, Total Inventory Cost, Monthly Revenue, Gross Profit / Loss
  • Most Rented Products Report: Product, Sku, Number of times rented, Amount of time rented, Total Inventory, Booked Inventory, Current Inventory, Revenue
  • Low Inventory Report: Product, Sku, Total Inventory, Booked Inventory, Current Inventory defaults to sorting by current inventory lowest to highest, so if you have 0 of some product you can quickly identify it.
  • Order grid shows order #, Purchased on, bill to and ship to info, start and end date of rental, dropoff and pickup date (optional), Send (checkout) & Return (check-in) info, order totals. All columns are filterable
  • Orders report by period, from and to date, order status, sales items, sales total, invoiced, refunded, sales tax, sales shipping, sales discount.

Inventory Management

  • Track your rentals and for sale items by serial numbers or via quantity based tracking
  • Overall inventory page showing you all your inventory at once and reservations pending
  • Inventory showing quantity available per day, week, month
  • Report showing all rentals by start & end date
  • Report showing all rentals by order dates
  • Ability to view the inventory for the selected rental dates on the admin create order page
  • Inventory can be managed via spreadsheets/csv files

Admin Rental Order / Contract Creation

  • Dates entry on admin order creator, ability to update all rental dates at once
  • View overall rental inventory from the create order page
  • Red background for easy identification of products that are being overbooked
  • Quick add to order via sku or product name


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Magento Rental Booking System Manual


Rental Booking System FAQ

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M1 Extension Versions

Version 1.4 Features & Updates

2015-09-28 16:40:27
  • Version number: 1.4
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2
  • Rental contract PDF generator – Customers can sign your rental contract online with no hassle of using a third party PDF signing service. Easy to use textareas in admin to put in your rental terms and fill in customer data with variables
  • Fixed rental dates and times – useful feature for tour companies. This means you can create a group of fixed rental dates in the admin that repeats daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Then you can assign these fixed rental dates to a product. Now your customers are not allowed to choose any rental date they want, only the pre-set ones that you assign.
  • Ical (ics) export for rentals by start / end date or by order – easily export your rentals to Google calendar or other third parties
  • Damage Waiver / Insurance Improvements – now it is possible to set global damage waiver for all products by fixed amount or % of rental price. You can also now add damage waiver to orders from the admin panel.
  • Security Deposit Improvements – the deposit can now be set globally as a fixed amount or via percentage. Before you could only set this by product as a fixed amount.
  • Product serials on manage products grid – you can now set in rentals > settings > admin product grid to show product serials on the manage products grid. You can click on a serial number to be taken to the reservation report for that inventory item.
  • Admin custom shipping rates (Pro & Ultimate) – Allows admin to put a custom shipping rate title & price on orders created through the admin panel. Great for sites where shipping rates are quoted. This module also works well with our Request for Quote module meaning a customer can request a quote from you, you quote the price & shipping, and then customer can add the quote to their shopping cart and checkout.
  • More Flexible & Powerful Dates Excluded – days of week and excluded dates (store closed) can now be excluded from your turnover times, the calendar, or both. Before it was only excluded from the calendar.
  • Max Days In Future Product Can Be Rented – Ability to set maximum date in the future that a product can be rented. For example set that a product can not be rented more then 90 days in the future.
  • Partial Returns – the admin return page used to only allow returning the full rental quantity. Now you can partially return an order for example if you checked out 5 quantity of an item, then got 2 returned, you can record this in the admin return page, then return the other 3 later.
  • Cleaner & Easier To Read Calendar Code – Rewrote Calendar JS to be easier to customize and separate out JS and PHP for better readability
  • Ability to set minimum rental quantity
  • Ability to show calendar by default without clicking in the rental start date input field first
  • Better error message when trying to rent more than max quantity available on configurable products
  • When adding a rental item to cart that doesn’t have enough inventory, it will auto-adjust to add the max amount of inventory available and display a message about it
  • Better error messages on shopping cart when a reservation does not have enough inventory – the error message now specifies the products that don’t have enough inventory

Version 1.3

2015-01-06 01:14:38
  • Version number: 1.3
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9
  • 12 new calendar styles using jQuery Theme Roller (manual)
  • Return history report (much the same as Sales > Shipments but for Returns)
  • Late return report
  • Late fee report and creator
  • Extend order from customer side or admin side
  • Manually edit rental dates for already invoiced orders (does not change order price) (manual)
  • Rental calendar report (screenshots) showing all orders on a calendar in 2 ways. By order – shows order extending through start and end date. By start & end date – shows all orders starting & ending on a certain date.
  • Special pricing for holidays, weekends, or time of day (manual)
  • Add-on rental price point so now you have have $10/month + $1/day within the same price point
  • Buyout rentals feature – enable buyout for rental products and decrease rental inventory upon purchase
  • Dashboard weekly orders on calendar view
  • Setting to force all products in order to use the same rental dates under Settings > Calendar Options > All products in order must use same start & end date
  • Serial numbers if assigned now show on shipment details page
  • We removed the following modules that we packaged inside our own. These can be downloaded separately if you want them. BL Custom Grid was causing a conflict in Magento 1.901 so we removed it. AOE Scheduler is for testing crons. SMTP Pro will add email logs to admin.
    BL Custom Grid module:
    AOE Scheduler:

Version 1.2

2015-01-06 01:12:54
  • Version number: 1.2
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9
  • PHP Unit Testing (Ecom PHP Unit) for the module over 50 tests to ensure bug-free module when adding new features
  • Reservation shipping turnover times – allow setting the turnover (padding) time before and after a reservation according to the ship method selected. For example if you use UPS 2 day shipping, you could se before and after padding time to 2 days.
  • Rent The Runway style homepage calendar widget and product details page calendar display configurable from admin panel
    Rent The Runway Reservation Calendar System Software
  • Fixed dates option configurable from admin. Instead of calendar dates option for the product, customer could select like 4 days or 8 days from radio select inputs and their start date instead of allowing them to select start and end date.
  • Speed Optimization using inventory table caching
  • Shipments & Invoice grids now show rental start & end dates
  • Change send and return columns from sent and returned truck icons to having the dates the order was sent and returned
  • Remove send & return page and report, this is now combined to the sales > orders grid all data that existed on that report is now there.
  • All parts of the rental system including the admin order creator now use the same calendar and attach to Magento events. Not much of a feature for customers, but makes it easier to do customization and less error prone.
  • New setting for disabled days of week to not calculate rental fees for days you are disabled. For example if you are closed Sundays, and customer rents from Saturday – Monday, you could enable this setting and customer would not be charged for Sunday.
  • On Manage Products page there is now a start and end date selection for filtering the inventory checks for certain dates
    Filter Inventory Dates

Version 1.1

2013-10-07 21:11:03
  • Version number: 1.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8

Version 1.1

  • Send & Return overhaul for faster management - will all be done from Sales > Orders and be quicker to do. Click "Ship"  or "Return" and put in the quantity of each item you are shipping and returning. We will also be adding on new filters to this page for late shipments or late returns.

  • Improved error messages when there is not enough quantity or no price period is entered

  • Improve date selector alignment

  • Quick add by sku or product name on order creator on admin side

  • Improve minimum rental period error message so it only shows after clicking rent was issue for same day rentals

  • Major refactoring of code to make it load faster and be easier to extend

  • ROI Report (Profit and Revenue by Product): Enter product cost on edit product for calculations. Columns: Period, Product, Sku, Total Inventory, Total Inventory Cost, Monthly Revenue, Gross Profit / Loss

  • Most Rented Products Report: Product, Sku, Number of times rented, Amount of time rented, Total Inventory, Booked Inventory, Current Inventory, Revenue

  • Low Inventory Report: Product, Sku, Total Inventory, Booked Inventory, Current Inventory defaults to sorting by current inventory lowest to highest, so if you have 0 of some product you can quickly identify it.

  • Add search by SKU and Category filter to inventory report

  • Configurable Sales > Orders grid - control what is shown easily. (Using

  • Add to manage products columns: Available Inventory and Booked Inventory, change QTY to say Total Inventory

  • Better organization of settings

  • Site Wide Blackout/Holiday Dates - before was only able to set it by product

  • Global Dates feature to allow choosing rental dates globally instead of on the product page. Ability to chose placement of this date box on the top menu, shopping cart, left column, or right column. Settings in admin:

    Example of showing it on header:

    Dates on side column:

  • Add quantity input on product listing pages this can be turned off if not wanted via a setting

  • Add to rental > Rental Queue > Send / Return Report the columns: Date Added, Rentals Allowed, Rentals Out, Rentals Needed

  • Add Rental Queue report for Queue Popularity, has the columns: Product, Number in Customer Queue, Total Inventory, Checked Out Inventory, Available Inventory

  • Separate dropoff/pickup date from send/return date. This is so that the admin can double check on dropoff and pickup of inventory that all the products are there, and not assume so

  • Better time of day view on customer side so customer can see if renting within a day what times are available for busy and available times

  • All language defines moved to CSV language translate file, no longer hardcoded in the Observer

  • Rental pricing moved to pricing tab, rental inventory moved to inventory tab. Payperrentals tab renamed "Rental Bookings" for better organization

  • Fixed paypal issue with deposits now it can authorize & charge the rental fees, and authorize only the deposit

Version 1.0

2013-10-07 21:10:27
  • Version number: 1.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7

Version 1.0

  • Added send & return email notices for rental queue products

  • Import/export support using regular import/export which can run faster than import/export profiles

  • jQuery conflict fixes for custom templates

  • Solved bug on sales > orders for filtering by start/end date

  • Fix for to authorize only deposit amount for deposits

  • Is Reservation is now a required field

  • Don't show the deposit sub-total on checkout unless there is a deposit

  • PDF shows just start/end date once per order not per product if there is only one start/end date for the order. Same for admin view order page

  • Default send/return report to today's dates

  • Adjust rentals admin menu putting stuff under Rental Queue or Reservations for better organization

  • Error check if admin adds serial numbers that the product is set to serial number tracking

  • Allow $0 rental prices (some clients want to rent out stuff for free)

  • Fix for IE on product page for IE versions 9 or older it was not loading the calendars correctly

  • Admin create order now shows inventory for each rental product before clicking on it when adding products to an order

  • Product bundles that are per bundle pricing no longer show per product pricing in the drop downs on the customer side since each product is not charged individually

  • Better support for bundle package pricing on the product listing blocks

  • Support for extra dropoff and pickup dates apart from the rental start/end dates in case admin needs to have separate dates for these

  • Bug fix for duplicating serial number based products

  • Added to orders model way to get reservation start/end dates rather than having to query the product model

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About the Developer

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 33 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great extension for rentals on Magento - Great developer support Hi, I'm sorry for my poor english because I'm French. We purchased this extension in April 2016 to use it on a store which is selling designers clothes and we are very satisfied. There are a lot of options on this extension, for sure there is some points that could be improve, but I'm sure that the developer will do it soon. The support is one of the greatest I have ever seen on Magento extensions. They answer every question fast and always helped us. Thanks a lot again for everything. May 9, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Best, Period! I started working with Kevin in January 2014. Before that point I had no luck in finding a complete rental solution. Although it sounds simple the rental process is very complex. In our case we used it for audio video and lighting rentals and it worked great. The equipment we rent is expensive and we have to make sure we are protected. This extensions includes a rental contract which we force digital signatures. That was an incredible upgrade because this way the equipment does not go out with a customer signature and our staff can not forget it. No signature no order. We love that. The extension also works very well with Magento's order processes. Shipments are converted to check-ins and check-outs. We used custom options to account for all the accessories that go out with our products. Now all the cables and adapters are accounted for and we are not loosing money. When customers bring back rental equipment with missing gear we are able to charge them for it If the equipment is damaged we are covered with a damage waiver. We are able to rent our equipment hourly, daily or weekly and the system works with our tier pricing. I also love that we can extend rentals and charge late fees. This extension really covers it all. We highly recommend this extension. In fact we are working on our second project and we can't wait to see it in action. April 17, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Rental Software I am not a huge fan of Magento but Sales Igniter is a very user friendly booking software for rental equipment. If I ever have a problem it is taken care immediately. Thank you so much Sales Igniter for helping my business grow! March 22, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent! I've used this on an AirBnB website. It has all the functionality you could possible want for booking software. I have just placed an order for another website which does campsite bookings. The great thing was that I could play with it for a month in a demo version Sales Igniter set up for me. So I could thoroughly test it before purchase. Great customer service as well. Sales Igniter quickly solved the few questions I had. November 30, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great extension for rentals...also great support! We purchased this module a number of months back but did not go live with our site until last week. So far it works great! The support from Kevin and Cristian has been awesome. I have to rely on a third party developer to do the heavy lifting as far as the installation, etc, but can easily edit settings in the back end and manage things. I would not hesitate in recommending Rental Booking Software. August 25, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Affordable start up option I am so glad my web developer found Sales Igniter after I had received quotes of up to $10,000 to build something basic from scratch. This extension made it possible to start my online rental business without a huge investment upfront. The extension performs so many functions I need and then some. While I've run into bugs while using the system, Kevin and Christian have always been responsive in getting them worked out. As someone who knows nothing about programming, I have found it very easy to use. August 17, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Booking System for Magento! I'm new in Magento, and honestly was hesitating a lot before deciding to buy this extension! it's not that cheap and I been doing a lot of research about extensions that could not reflect Functions as Described! but when I start my 30 day testing and start to interact one to one with customer support ... I got the confidant to buy it, the extension works great, very affective ... and support is very strong and fast, I really happy with this extension and I think it's the core for our website. strongly recommended! August 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great extension! This extension is my choice to use and recommend when it comes to rental & booking solution. I have successfully deployed it for some multi million dollar clients. This extension offers a complete, top-notch solution for rental system, and cover almost everything that we need. The features like: manually reserving inventory, advanced price calculations, padding / turnover time, and calendar based inventory reports.. are very useful, and save us a lot of time. Another plus point is Kevin and the support team is responsive, friendly and very knowledgeable everytime we need them. August 11, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by An Excellent Extension!! The Rental Hire Booking system from Sales Igniter is a great asset to any company that rents products online. Sales Igniter understands the rental business and this software will greatly enhance your bottom line!! Mr. Javitz was extremely helpful when we implemented the extension and they have excellent resources which answered many of our questions. When we needed to elevate a question, we received a complete answer quickly. August 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Service from the ground up Magento and Sales Igniter have been with us from day one of Kevin Javitz has always been helpful and attentive with any and all of our needs. Thanks for the continued support! August 4, 2015
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