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Easily create product feeds for a variety of services such as Google, Yahoo, Shopping.com, and more.
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Your store can only succeed if potentials customers are aware of your store and its products. The Magento Product Feeds extension is a feed creation engine that allows you to build custom data feeds and submit them to various product search engines such as Google Product Search, Yahoo! Store, Shopping.com, Channel Advisor, Amazon, and dozens more. The Magento Product Feeds extension will give you all the tools you need to create feeds for each of these services. In addition, you can even create feeds for your own customers if you are a dropshipping or wholesale business.

Note: The Magento Product Feeds works with any service that accepts CSV and XML formats. It is not limited to the major services (Google Product, Yahoo! Store, Shopping.com, etc). It works with virtually every company that accepts product feeds.

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Features / Benefits

Unlimited number of Magento feeds supported

Don't be limited to a set number of feeds. With the Feed Creator Pro you can create hundreds of feeds for hundreds of different services.

Compatible with hundreds of feed services

  • Google Shopping (Google Base)
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Shopping.com (Bing.com)
  • The Find
  • Shopzilla.com
  • Commission Junction
  • PriceGrabber.com
  • Buy.com
  • NextTag.com
  • NewEgg.com
  • Many, many more supported
  • Supports multiple formats: XML, CSV / TXT

    Essentially every feed service uses either XML or CSV and Feed Creator Pro supports both!

    Send your feed to search engines via URL or FTP

    Depending on the feed service, you can select to send a feed by URL or FTP or even both. Both options are super easy to configure.

    Supports custom option segmentation

    If you sell a product like clothes and instead of using configurable products are using custom options to manage the various options, then the Product Feeds Extension can segment on those custom options and output each one as if it was its own product.

    Easily map feed fields to product attributes using our editor

    For either XML or CSV, it is very easy to map product attributes to fields. Just use our special editor and its point and click.

    Supports multiple attributes per column

    You can combine attributes in fields for more precision / search optimization. For example, you can report the name of a product to feed services as "[Manufacturer] - [Name]" instead of only the name.

    Dynamic attribute values can be multipled / divided / added to / subtracted from other values

    The most common use case is multiplying a product by 10% (or some tax rate) to give after tax price.

    Extremely powerful product filters

    Sometimes you need to exclude certain products from the feed (such as disabled, out of stock, etc). Feed Creator Pro makes this extremely simple to do! All you have to do is use the filter editor to select the exclusino rules you want.

    Feed filters / dynamic attributes support date filtering

    Great for sites that want to show products that are marked as new or for daily deal sites wanting to show only products that have a deal.

    Supports unlimited distributions for each feed

    You can create one feed and distribute it to 100 different service providers. No need to create a duplicate feed and waste your time and server resources. Its super easy.

    Easily convert prices to a different currency

    When targetting multiple countries you will want feeds that represent the currency that country uses. The Product Feed Extension can convert prices to other currencies automatically.

    Countless special product attributes supported

    In addition to supporting every attribute assigned to a product, we also have created numerous special attributes that make it even easier to get the right data to the feed service.

    Use events / observers to modify product attributes

    If a service provider requires a special attribute that does not fit one of our default ones you can easily create and event / observer to format this attribute in any way you need.

    Advanced field output formats

    Sometimes fields need a special output format such as no leading white space, html encoded, etc. Easily select field output for each field.

    Create separate feeds with different formats to each search engine

    Create any number of feeds with any number of attributes in any combintion of formats. Create a separate feed for each feed service provider or create one feed and share it among several feed providers. Its your choice.

    Define the interval you want product feeds to be generated / distributed

    The generation / distribution of your feeds can happen at a custom defined interval of your choosing.

    Supports advanced dynamic attributes

    What happens if a feed provider needs you to include the tax in the price? You use a dynamic attributes and transform the product price attribute by the tax rate. Dynamic attributes allow you change a field's value based on the characteristics of the product.

    Other Important Considerations and Resource

  • 30-day money back guarantee - no risk to you!
  • Responsive, helpful support
  • Frequent new releases - we do not abandon our Magento Extensions
  • Detailed installation and related documentation provided
  • Enterprise level product backed by a professional company
  • Extension trials are available
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