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Its purpose is to make a Magento installation ready to sell Contact Lenses.
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Medma LensWebShop

Its purpose is to make a Magento installation ready to sell Contact Lenses. The only thing i.e. needed is to install this Extension and you are ready to go.

Major Features:

  • Pre-installed and configured attributes and attributes sets.
  • Optimized Manual Configurable Product Insertion steps.
  • A dedicated 2-Way Import functionality to facilitate the Contact Lens product creation/updation.
  • One button click Sample CSVs for both the import types.
  • A standard Prescription Form on product page for adding the Contact Lenses to the Cart.
  • Facilitated Cart Edit/Update functionality for Contact Lenses.
  • Shows the Ordered Prescripiton information on all relevant pages like Shopping Cart , Order Review page etc.
  • Additional Attribute and Attribute set can be created easily.
  • Show price of individual product.
  • It also supports Magento tier price.

  • Purpose

    Its purpose is to make a Magento installation ready to sell Contact Lenses. The only thing i.e. needed is to install this Extension and you are ready to go.

    Issues with Contact Lens Product/Inventory management in default Magento installation

    Recently, we got an opportunity to build a Contact Lens Webstore in Magento from scratch.
    In order to prepare a Magento store that sells contact lenses, initial analysis showed the following necessities for a Magento installation to be able to sell Contact Lenses.

    In Magento Admin:

    We can use Configurable product as a main product and all the specifications(combinations of power, radius, base curve & other applicable attributes. ) as simple product.

    Logically that's all that was needed. But the problem was to create the inventory in the Magento store of all Contact Lenses with all their Specifications, if you are aware, how a Configurable product is created in Magento, you can imagine how long it would take to create such configurable products, with 100s of configuration(simple product) per product, using the traditional Add Product approach of Magento.

    Even using the Magento Import/Export or Dataflow functionality is troublesome, if you have no experience previously working with it. Besides that there are no real good documentation available on these topics.

    In Magento Frontend:

    No matter what product type you choose for making your Contact Lenses. One major problem was that Magento product pages are simply not designed to sell Contact Lenses.

    With a little market research you can quickly see there is a need to have some sort of Prescription Form on product pages to let your Customers add the product to their Cart.

    Also, both the Magento owner and the Customer must be able to track the ordered Contact Lens with their Associated Prescription right from the Magento Cart page to Order Review page to all the concerned Admin pages like Invoice, Shipping pages.

    Introduction to Medma Lenswebshop Extension (The Solution)

    In answer to above mentioned issues, We decided to develop an Extension which alone can make your Magento, Contact Lens Sale-Ready. The Medma Lenswebshop Extension is the result of our experience which we had while developing Contact Lens webstore for our clients.


    1. Installation is extremely easy as you can install the extension package directly from Magento Connect Manager or you can also Upload it from FTP
    2. Follow provided instructions
    3. That's it !!

    Contact Us

    For any assistance, please raise your ticket at

    Give us your valuable feedback to improve this extension, we will surely consider your feedback in the next release of the extension.

    M1 Extension Versions

    Improved & More Features

    2016-01-13 10:58:50
    • Version number: 1.0.3
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2
    Improved & More Features

    Feedbacks addressed

    2014-01-13 12:21:51
    • Version number: 1.0.2
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1
    Minor changes

    This is the first release

    2013-11-25 09:44:07
    • Version number: 1.0.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8
    This is the first release
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    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by medma_infomatix

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