Affiliate - Ultimate edition

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Advanced Affiliate Extension by Magestore helps you creating a powerlful affiliate network within 1 minute.
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0


Affiliate - Ultimate edition

Affiliate Plus - The best solution for Magento Affiliate

Affiliate for Magento (Advanced Edition) by Magestore not only has full features of Affiliate Standard Edition and Affiliate Premium Edition but also has more powerful features to boost your sales

Advanced Features of Affiliate Plus

Setting commission, discount & payout requirement

Basic function but very important of every magento affiliate extension is setting commission and discount. You can choose the type fixed or percentage and easily add the preferred rate. Besides, you may set a payment release which is a specific amount that referrals’ balance must reach before they can request money.
Setting commission | Magento Affiliate | Magento affiliate advanced

Account management

Affiliate Plus offers you full control of referrals. You can easily add, remove, enable or disable them and edit preferences. It is also simple to view information of affiliates like their programs, friends, transactions and payments.
Account management | Magento Affiliate advanced edition

Banner & Link management

You can upload banners (image/flash) or create texts and provide links for each banner and text. Referrals can use the source code to post in website, forum… or use the links directly by posting in emails, facebook, twitter, google+…
Banner & link management | Magento Affiliate program

Refer Friends

Affiliates can share the affiliate link through email or social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to invite friends to your store. Moreover, they are allowed to write their own message and customize the personal link to be friendlier. The more people led to your site, the more chances to sell!
Refer Friends | Magento Affiliate Plus extension

Transaction management

We give you the ability to access relevant information of a referral’s transaction like order number, products, commission and discount. It is extremely easy to monitor, review and filter transactions of affiliates.
Transaction Management | Magento Affiliate program

Payment management

After logging in the backend, admin can comfortably configure and control payments of affiliate accounts. It is possible to add or subtract commission of an account balance, conduct Payment automatically or when customers request.
Payment management | Magento Affiliate

Pay Per Sale

Referrals promote your products through many channels. But only when your products are purchased through their links, referrals can get commission. In other words, you just Pay money when you receive Sale from them.
Pay Per Sales | Magento Affiliate

PayPal mass pay

Instead of conducting payout manually when an affiliate requests payment, admin can use PayPal API with auto-process, making the payout more convenient and faster.
Pay Per Sales | Magento Affiliate

Multiple Payment methods

Besides Paypal, you are supplemented 3 additional payment methods: Offline Payment and Bank Transfer Payment and Money Bookers With this feature, you will be more flexible and save a lot of time while handling request payments from referrals.
Multiple payment | Magento Affiliate

Affiliate by Coupon (Affiliate Coupon Plugin)

This feature allows your customers to refer friends by creating and sending the coupon code. Only when their friends use this code to place orders, can affiliates get commissions. As the invited customers also gain benefits, they will be more excited to purchase your products.
Affiliate coupon | Magento Affiliate program

Tier Commission (Tier Commission Plugin)

First affiliate refers a link and gets a friend sign up to become affiliate. When the second affiliate succeeds in selling a product, both him and the first affiliate can get commission.
Pay Per Leader | Magento Affiliate extension

Multiple Programs (Multiple Program Plugin)

You want to run different programs with different commission rate, based on customers or product groups? We provide you Multi program feature which let you create such programs without a hitch.
Multiple Program | Magento Affiliate extension

Statistic (Affiliate Report Plugin)

This feature enables administrators to track the sales, clicks and transactions of affiliates. It’s easy to analyze affiliate program’s performance and get solution to improve it.
Statistic | Magento Affiliate extension

Dynamic widget (Affiliate Widget Plugin)

When you install Widget plug-in, referrals are enabled to locate widget boxes on their sites, which contain a list of your products. More products are shown, more selling chances referrals get.
Widget | Magento Affiliate extension

Pay Per Lead (Pay Per Lead Plugin)

Pay-per-lead helps you create a program allowing affiliates to receive commission for the actual number of leads he generates. "Lead" may be new accounts signup in your site or newsletter subscribes.
Magento Affiliate

Pay Per Mille (Pay Per Mille plugin)

With Pay Per Mille (PPM) plugin, you can configure that affiliates receive commissions for thousand impressions of banner (text link, image, flash...) that they generate. Affiliates can view the number of views and also the corresponding commissions that they receive.
Magento Affiliate

Pay Per Click (Pay Per Click plugin)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very popular method in affiliating. This plugin allows referrals to earn money based on the number of clicks to your website that they generate.

Magento Affiliate

Advanced Banner (Advanced Banner plugin)

In the standard edition, referral already can share banners with options: image, flash. Now Advanced Banner plug-in is released to provide more different types of banner for affiliates to select such as Hover banner, Page Peel banner and Rotator banner. It's also really easy to customize banners and links to post on social channels.
Magento Affiliate

Direct Link (Direct Link plugin)

Affiliate Direct Link Tracking plug-in allows customizing the normal affiliate link to be shorter and friendlier. It also helps affiliates register for a domain or web-page to show banners without any difficulties.
Magento Affiliate

Commission by Level (Commission by Level plugin)

This plugin helps you to encourage your affiliates to increase your sales by giving them additional commissions based on a certain sales or order amount. When the plugin is installed, affiliates can see your information about additional commission in Affiliate Home page.

Take a look at this example. When the total sales value in a month was greater than 1.000$ as configured in backend, the affiliate received 10$ more for each of his next orders in that month:

Magento Affiliate extension | Commission Level in frontend

In backend, you can configure characteristics of this additional commission such as basis for calculation (orders or sales), commission type, levels of commission, etc.

Magento Affiliate extension | Config commission level

Affiliate Trash (Affiliate Trash plugin)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very popular method in affiliating. This plugin allows referrals to earn money based on the number of clicks to your website that they generate. Magento Affiliate extension | Delete/ Restore transactions Similarly, you can delete a withdrawal you want and then, take it back: Magento Affiliate | Delete/ Restore withdrawals


  • Best Magento Affiliate extension in the market
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Open source 100%.
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live installation and unlimited test installations (No license key required)
  • Visit Affiliate for Magento ( Advanced Edition) by Magestore: In case you have any questions or requests, please contact our SUPPORT DESK.
    M1 Extension Versions

    Advanced Affiliate Extension version 4.3

    2016-11-04 02:30:15
    • Version number: 4.3.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9,, 1.9.1,, 1.9.2,, 1.10, 1.11, 1.11.1, 1.12, 1.13, 1.13.1, 1.14, 1.14.1, 1.14.2
    Advanced Affiliate Extension by Magestore helps you creating a powerlful affiliate network within 1 minute.
    Version 4.3
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