Market Your Extension

Magento Connect includes a variety of capabilities to promote your extension. Effective use of these capabilities will improve your chances of building sales. Extension marketing opportunities on Magento Connect include:

  • Developer Profile

    Extension developers are provided a dedicated page that includes information about their business, contact information and a list of their Magento Connect extensions.

    Developer profile
  • Extension Brief Description

    Briefly describe the feature behavior of your extension (max 110 English characters). This brief description is displayed in Search Results and the Extension Profile.

    Extension brief description
  • Extension Profile

    1. 1
      Extension Icon & Screenshots
      You should upload one icon that graphically represents the extension. This icon will be displayed anywhere your extension is listed. Upload clear and readable screenshots to provide a preview of the extension’s functionality.
    2. 2
      Overview Tab
      Use HTML to provide merchants an accurate description of the extension’s functionality and market the extension capabilities. In this section, you may include images. No custom CSS is supported.
    3. 3
      Release Notes Tab
      List specific instructions for your customers about the updated releases of your extension.
    4. 4
      Reviews Tab
      Connect users can leave detailed reviews about your extension. Reviews will be screened for support questions and inappropriate material. You can respond to the reviews for your extension. Sign up for New Reviews notifications of your extension.
    5. 5
      Q&A Tab
      Connect users can ask support and other questions about your extension in the Q&A forum. Anyone can answer a question. Sign up for Q&A notifications of your extension.
    6. 6
      Get Help Tab
      Links to your support and contact information are listed here.
  • Extension profile

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