Layaway, Partial Payments

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Layaway / Partial Payment Extension For Magento to sell products on installments. Set down payment, extra fee…
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Layaway, Partial Payments

Layaway extension from FME allows you to sell your merchandise in installments. You can create multiple installment plans for different products. Each plan can have its own payment rules such as down payment, no of installments, time period and layaway fees.

  • - Sell Yours Products on Customizable Installments Plans
  • - Create Global and Product Specific Installment Plans
  • - Charge layaway Fees in Fix or percentage amount
  • - Display Layaway Orders Separately For Easy Management
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Area of Function

Partial Payment extension for Magento enables your customers to purchase your products by paying in installments. You can create a custom installment plan and set layaway fee and down payment amount in fixed or percentage. The fee can be configured as per product or per order. The global settings allow you to implement the installment plans for your entire store instead of specific products.

Main Features – Partial Payment Extension

Set Global or Product Specific Layaway Plans

Layaway pricing can be enabled on either all your products or limit them to specific products of your store based on your specific requirements.

Fixed/Percentage Layaway Fee

You can create the plan by settings a layaway fee in fixed as well as percentage of the price according to the type of product and the payment duration you wish to select.

Down Payment and Installments

You can initial deposit in fix or percentage amount of the product price. The down payment has to be paid upfront to purchase product. The installment duration can also be configured by merchant and bound customer to pay all installments within the specific time

Backend Panel

The backend panel allows you to view all the layaway orders with all the details such as order status, name of the customer and name of the product.

Set Layaway Fee per Product/Order

The Layaway fee can be charged according to your preferences. With Partial Payments Exten-sion for Magento you can customize layaway payment fee as per product or the entire order.

Customer Account

“My Account” section allows customers to view the status of their Magento layaway order and pay the remaining installments of the products.

You can Display Following Layaway Payment Details on My Account Page

  • - Order Details
  • - Remaining Layaway amount
  • - Installment history
  • - Paid NO. of Installments
  • - Max NO. of Installments
  • - Remaining NO. of Installment
  • - Time Period Allowed to pay remaining amount
  • - Last Date to clear all installments

Key Features – Installment Payment Extensions

  • - Set layaway fee for products which can also be zero
  • - Set down payment for the product as fixed or percentage
  • - Set no. of installments and installment period
  • - Enable layaway of all product or specific products
  • - Set layaway per each product or per order
  • - You can add text in tooltip to inform customers about layaway orders
  • - 10 payment options supported such as Cash on delivery, Adaptive Payments, Credit Cards etc.
  • - Customers can pay installments from My Account section

Merchant Benefits

Increase sales

It allows your products to be affordable by integrating partial payment system. This helps your products to achieve high sales and increased exposure by setting on specific products as well as globally on store.

Make Custom Plans

Certain products that are sold in sizable amounts or require trust of the merchant must be sold in partial payment method. This extension facilitates customers to pay a small fee and start with their payment, adding more conversions to the store.

Use Tooltip

You can add custom text on the tooltip on cart page to allow customers to share it with other customer informing them about layaway order feature on your store.

Customer Benefits

Pay in Easy Installments

It helps customers to pay the price amount in steady installments instead of paying all at once. By paying the layaway fee and the down payment, the customer can start using the product

Pay from My Account Section

To pay their remaining installments and view the status of their order, customers can use My Account section easily without any requiring any technical knowledge.

Cart Page View

The installment plan for a specific product is shown on the cart page which helps customers calculate the amount they need to pay without making checkout first. This allows them to verify if the product is affordable or not


Find instant view of product features on Layaway Extension for Magento demo.


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If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime! FME Helpdesk

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