Follow Up Email Extension, Abandoned Cart Reminder

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Follow Up Email Magento - stay in touch with customers by sending emails on events - abandoned cart, birthday,
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Follow Up Email Extension, Abandoned Cart Reminder

It enables the store owners to followup with their customers through emails on events / activities like; birthdays, new signups, new order placed, abandoned cart etc. Offer them discounts by merging the shopping cart rules with the follwup email rule to connect with the customers with incentives. Control the frequency of your customer interaction with Magento followup emails extension.

Overview – Followup Emails Module for Magento

Followup emails extension for Magento is an effective tool to keep a healthy interaction with your customers. Keeping a close contact with them allows you to have a caring and epithetic impression towards your customer. This extension allows you to create flexible rules for followup emails and specifically link them up with your store’s shopping cart rules. This way you can attract your customers to order and increase your customer base.

You can also send order followup emails to the customers who have placed a new order or their order is either on-hold or cancelled die to some reason. Get back to them and have their feedback for further improvement. It’s not about sales only, but the satisfaction of the customers is also very important. Take constant feedback as to what features your customers like in your product(s) that you can add. Establish stronger relationships, increase customers' loyalty and as a result get more consequent sales. Drop a followup email to ask customers to have their say. Give them more value and make them feel special.

Manage Promotional Rules

You can create flexible promotional rules and sent via email according to different user activities so as to let them know their value and to increase their loyalty with your business. You can create different rules for difference customers groups according to your requirement. Easy to understand conditions can be set to further define parameters for rule to apply. The conditions can be set on any product(s), category or even complete store. These rules can easily be attached with the rules already defined by you for shopping cart.

Increased Customer Managed Relationship with Current Customers

With the customer followup email feature of this extension, you can keep a one-to-one relationship with the customers by remembering them in their happy moments and deal with them exclusively. You can send exclusive greetings to your customers on their birthdays and design special promotions and include them in birthday email according to their needs and interests. Show some care and win their hearts!

Apart from that, you can also keep in touch with your customers by having constant feedback through emails. This interaction can be beneficial in two ways; firstly, your customer will start thinking about you and second, you will get an idea about the change in trends and the psychology of your customers.

Convert Abandoned Cart into Sales

This extension allows the store owners to recapture their abandoned cart as well. Get in touch with the customers with incomplete order, drop them an abandoned cart email, offer discounts by creating promotional rules and drive them to complete their order. Building the relationship with the customers is ever so easy with this extension.

Review Followup Emails via Log

Keep track of the emails sent to your customers for followup. You can keep a track of which are sent and which are to be sent on upcoming events or customer related any activity.

Utilize Followup Emails to the Core – Get Maximum Out of It

With the followup extension, you can earn a lot of benefits as you can attract users to be your customers by sending personalized emails on special events like birthdays, thanks giving, Christmas or any other. This will help to build a strong repo with potential customers. You can generate discount coupons that can be sent via emails to boost your sales.

Key Features – Followup Emails for Magento

  • Track and send notifications regarding customer events / activities
  • Limitless rules can be made
  • Validity of the rule can be set
  • Conditions for the rule to follow can be set
  • Set the frequency of the rules as per day, hour and minute
  • Set followup email rules according to customer groups
  • Set “cancel email” as certain event / activity takes place
  • Links tracking with abandoned cart recovery statistics
  • View the email record as “Mail Log” to preview and manually send/delete emails
  • Manually create customized followup email template
  • Send test emails to test the functioning of the email sending feature
  • Can have a backup of the followup emails sent by “copy email to” option
  • Ability to insert more than one coupon in one email
  • Automatically generate discount coupons as per your need

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This extension was developed by and is supported by FmeAddons

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