Dynamic Square Foot Pricing Calculator

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Price Calculator Extension for Magento provides dimensional pricing based on length, width, height, area etc..
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Dynamic Square Foot Pricing Calculator

Price Calculator for Magento allows you to configure product pricing based on length, width, height, area, & volume so customers can enter their measurements and find the price. A perfect dynamic pricing calculator for merchants selling variable sized products i.e. blinds, tiles, flooring, liquids, fencing etc

  • - Products Pricing Based on Length, Width, Height, Area or Volume
  • - Takes measurement from customer
  • - Set per unit price for each product and a fix base amount
  • - 5 Measurement units: CM, Inch, Foot, Meter and Millimeter
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Area of Function

This length width pricing extension for Magento allows you to update your Magento store with the most advance and sophisticated pricing tools in the market. You can create your own pricing rules and apply them on all or specific products. Customers can enter their particular measurement of the area in length, width, height or volume and the extension will automatically calculate the price of the product. You can customize the base price, per unit price, dimensional pricing rules and discounts on all or specific products.

Price per Unit

A price per unit is set with respect to the specific unit depending on the product you are selling. The price per unit you set will be used in the formula to calculate final price of the product.

Fixed Base Price

The merchants can add a Fixed Base Price which will be added to calculated price. The base price will remain unchanged in the price calculation. This price can be displayed on frontend.

5 Input & Output Units

There are 5 different output and input units for measurement you can use to sell your products through pricing calculator. You can use Centimeter, Inch, Foot, Meter and Millimeter for precise and accurate measurements.

Dynamic Pricing Formula

Price calculator extension uses its own dynamic pricing formula to apply discount and set minimum and maximum size of the product. Example Min=10;max=45;discount=10,20;size=15,30;area;percent; This Min and Max defines the size range of the product which is 10 to 45. The rule also validates two discounts which is 10% for sizes that from 15 to 30 and 20% for all sizes that are above 30. You can set these discounts in fixed or in percentage values. This rule allows the merchant to price the product’s area and volume on their stores.

Pricing With Discounts

You can offer attractive discounts to your customers based on fixed/percentage or size of the product. You can add discounts on specific products as well as your entire store.

How it Works – Price Calculator

Configure Price per Unit

To start off with the dynamic pricing extension for Magento, the first thing the merchant must do is set a per unit price of each product. The units can range from centimeter, millimeter, foot, inch or meter etc.

Create Input Fields

The merchant now has to create input fields depending on the product being sold. The backend allows merchant to set length, width, height, weight as input fields.

Allow Customers to enter their Value

Once you have configured from the back end it is ready for the customer to enter his measurements. After the user enters a certain value, Price Calculator validates the measurement and calculates the precise price of the product.

Where Price Calculator Extension Can be Used

Below are some examples where Price Calculator extension is used

  • - Tiles sold in square feet
  • - Variable mulch sold in the cubic yard
  • - Fabric in meter or yard
  • - Blinds sold in length and width
  • - Flooring sold in Square feet
  • - Liquids sold in volume
  • - Wallpaper sold based on wall dimensions
  • - Printing and Banners store
  • - Foam sold in the cubic foot
  • - Fencing for house, garden, etc
  • - Wrapping paper sold according to surface area
  • - Educational tutorials or lectures sold by per hour
  • - And more…

Key Features – Length Width Price Calculator

  • - Automate price calculation on predefined rules and discounts on Predefined siz-es
  • - Set custom message for errors
  • - The label text for discounts can be customized.
  • - You can customize the attributes for Price Calculator rules.
  • - Once click enable/disable this volume extension for Magento from the back-end
  • - The product pricing is dynamically updated through input values
  • - Uses 5 different types of units meter, centi-meter, milli-meter, inch, and feet.
  • - The pricing size of length, area and volume of the products can be calculated.
  • - The values can be enters even in decimal and integer
  • - The price calculator is shown on the product page
  • - Minimum and maximum size restrictions can be set for specific variable sized products
  • - Custom validation messages can be predefined from the backend
  • - Group pricing feature is also supported
  • - Price Calculator extension is compatible with cross browser
  • - It can work for all types of variable sized products and sophisticated programming standards.

Merchant Benefits

Attractive Discounts

It allows you to sell products in bulk by offering discounts based on size of the products. You can enable discounts to be shown on the front end which invites more customers to buy products from your website.

Don’t Sell Extra

You can optimize the variable sized products on your store such as carpets, curtains and liquids etc. This keeps you from giving away extra amounts of products to the customers.

Amount Restriction

Square Foot Pricing extension allows you to set restriction of several types of products that cannot be sold without purchasing a specific size. This prevents larger sized products to be pur-chased in smaller amounts and helps smaller sized products to be purchased in larger amounts.

Customer Benefit

Precise Calculation

It helps customer to acquire the accurate price of the product without any technical knowledge about measurements. The customer only needs to enter the dimensions and the extension will calculate the price itself.

Saving Money

Pricing calculator facilitates customers into saving money by getting the exact sizes of products. If a customer needs a carpet for his floor he can enter the dimensions and get the exact size instead of paying extra for the whole roll.

Get Discounts

Customer can become eligible for discounts if they purchase by the prescribed sizes/quantity. Purchasing a roll of fabric in between 5-10 meters will give 10% discount while purchasing more length from 10-20 meters will give 15% discount. Different discounts can be set on different sizes.


Click for instant view of products features and Demo - Length Width Pricing Calculator for Magento


If you are already using this pricing calculator extension for Magento and facing some issue, immediately contact FMEExtensions. It will take just 24-48 hours to resolve any of your issue related to price calculator extension. Click here to create a ticket, FMEExtensions Support.

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