this wesite is used for blogging (with media). and making use of wordpress. ( Well formed Classbase Structure + templates + Omniture
Tracking javascript + Jquery )

It provides information relative to various destination all over the world. It covers information
related to most famous destinations like Dubai,Barcelona,Chicago,London,Sydney,

Newyork,Paris and many more. Drupal 6.8/Jquery/CCK+Advertisement+Meta Tags+Pathauto
Modules )

This project basically of the Channelworld magazine that includes News,

Case Files,Fasttrack,Features, Interviews,Partner Hotline, and Newsletter webform
Modules. / ( Drupal 6.8 /Jquery/CCK+Advertisement+Meta Tags+Pathauto Modules )

This project basically of the CIO magazine that will have casestudy module,article
module,event module, topstory module,advertising module , columns module,survey
module [ connected with surveymonkey ]

AppAdvisor basically gives the advice regarding facebook applications. Website maintains
the database for the facebook applications .Whenever the user tries to add the new
application , website gives the advise [like safe,issue,cautious]. (Smarty / Ajax / JavaScript / Classbase Structure)

Description: This site is basically an online gift portal, selling gifts online, user places the
order and within 2 days order will be fullfilled.admin section manages the users,
products, orders. (Class base structure / Ajax / Moneries Payment Gateway)

Description: This project is of "shopping-cart project" for including the online purchase of
paintings, the webadmin includes the management of paintings, its editions, cms
management and integration of payment gateway with "moneries" payment gateway. (Smarty .tpl/ Ajax / Curl / Paypal)

Description: Includes the selling the treatments, packages (consist of products +
treatments), career section, health tips section ,download section and package prices
are converted using Curl url of is passed as argument to it.

Mobile App [ Transfering Photo over Flickr Account ]

Developed Mobile app that capture the picture and transfer over flickr user account.


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