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Incentivize your customers to buy more – let them get the cheapest product for free! © Amasty
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Get Cheapest Free by Amasty

Amasty Info

Please find full description, live demo and user guide at Magento Get Cheapest Free module page

Give little presents - get considerable profit!

Increase average order size.

Stimulate customers to add more products to cart and reward them in the way that is both pleasant to customers and profitable for you - by giving the cheapest products for free.

Expand Magento promotion functionality.

The world wide advertising solution 'Cheapest Free' now available for Magento platform too. Do not hesitate to use it!

Motivate customers to come back.

Customers won't even notice, that they spend more, because the nice feeling of care will warm their hearts.

Let customers know about your presents.

If an order meets the specified conditions, the customer will be informed about getting a free item with the note "One item for free". Plus, the cost of the product will be marked as "discount" in the order total.

Create thought-out conditions using the extension's flexibility.

Give several cheapest products for free in 1 order.

Now you can create discounts like 'Get 1 cheapest product free for each 3 purchased products', so if a customer buys 12 products, he or she will get 3 cheapest items for free.

Limit the number of free products.

For example, 1 free cheapest product for 3 paid products, however not more than 2 free products in an order.

Add free items from a certain category, brand or other attributes.

If you would like to provide for free items only from a certain category or of a particular brand, please indicate the category and/or brand in conditions. Of course, you can use all other attributes available to shopping cart rules conditions.

Specify the number of products customers need to buy to get one for free.

Use ‘Discount Qty Step (Buy X)’ field to specify how many products customers need to buy to get one free item. If you indicate 4, it means that from every 4 items purchased customers will get 1 for free (that means three products will be paid and one free). If you leave ‘0’ (zero), customers will get only 1 free item per order (if conditions are met).

How it works:
  • Install the extension
  • Create new shopping cart price rule
  • Properly set conditions, following the user guide
  • Enjoy the result

Check out new promotional features

Get closer to you customers

Try our advanced module for multiple discounts generation, called Special Promotions Pro. The extension allows to create promotional programs not only with the cheapest or most expensive products, but to use a wide range of marketing tools, such as creating discounts based on customers’ order history, offering deals based on customer attributes and many others.

Also the extension:

  • Is easy to use
  • Meets all Magento development practices
  • 100% Open Source
  • Is easy to install (takes just a couple minutes)
  • Also included

  • Professional 120-day free e-mail support, help and guidance
  • Risk free purchase, 2-week money back guarantee
  • Paid extension customization
  • Live Demo:

    → Backend and → Frontend



    Extension Updates Log:

    Version 1.5.3 - Dec 20, 2014
    - 'Get $y for each $x spent' now takes into account the max allowed qty.

    Version 1.5.2 - Nov 05, 2014
    – Now you can exclude products with catalog price rules discount from promotions.
    – Bundle and virtual product support for Magento CE 1.9 and EE 1.14
    – New drop-down structure for actions settings

    Version 1.5.1 - June 24, 2014
    - Tested with the latest Magento CE 1.9 release.

    Tags: promotions, get cheapest free, free gift
    M1 Extension Versions

    Get Cheapest Free change log

    2010-03-26 01:42:31
    • Version number: 1.0.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6
    The improved extension version is based here
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    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by Amasty

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