QuickBooks, Sage 50, and FrontAccounting Integration

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A bi-directional integration to Import orders and update price/inventory in your cart.
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QuickBooks, Sage 50, and FrontAccounting Integration

CartSpan is an easy-to-use bi-directional interface for QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage 50 U.S., and FrontAccounting that will import orders from Magento CE and update item prices and quantities-on-hand in the cart. This frees you of the burden of re-keying order information into the accounting system and helps prevent the over-committing of inventory to Web customers. See more detail at

Don’t be fooled by competitors’ low introductory prices that are ‘too good to be true.’ Competitive offerings typically charge extra for: updating stock in the cart, installation and configuration, training, and mask high per/month licensing charges that greatly increase your ongoing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). CartSpan is offered at a transparent ‘turnkey’ price that includes all features and services referenced.

For QuickBooks users only: CartSpan requires the use of QODBC by FlexQuarters, another third-party add-on that allows read-only direct access to the QuickBooks database. This will raise your total cost by approximately $120. If you are using the Enterprise version of QuickBooks, QODBC is already included at no additional charge.

Our 10 day trial includes installation and configuration assistance; you pay nothing until you see orders importing into the accounting system to your satisfaction. There are no limitations with respect to the number of orders or supporting transactions you can import during the trial.

Check out our support for some of the most challenging aspects of achieving an effective integration with a super-cart like Magento:

Order Import – Key Points of Integration

Import as Order, Invoice, or Receipt - CartSpan supports import as either an Invoice or an Order. The Magento order number flows directly to the order or invoice number in QuickBooks, Sage 50, or FrontAccounting. Note that import by 'Receipt' is currently only available for QuickBooks users.

Customer ID Handling - With Customer ID management arguably the most problematic aspect of integration, CartSpan offers multiple options for creating the new Customer ID in accounting. When the new customer master is created, you may:

1) Use the Magento assigned Customer ID.
2) Craft the ID from available Bill-To or Ship-To details using a configurable rule.
3) Manually cross-reference the Magento ID to legacy Customer ID that will be memorized.
4) Utilize the store ID in Magento as the Customer ID (with meaningful cross-reference).
5) Utilize the Customer Group as the Customer ID.
6) Assign Customer ID based on the Ship-To State
7) Assign Customer ID based on the payment method
8) Assign all transactions to a common Customer ID
9) Optionally assign all 'Guest' transactions to a common Customer ID

QuickBooks Users Only: CartSpan is the only integration product on the market that can completely 'regenerate' your existing Customer Names in QuickBooks to support rule-based ID creation for future imports from your Magento system. This is often a 'make or break' circumstance if your existing Customer IDs follow non-standard or inconsistent naming conventions.

Cash Receipts - If you are importing as an Invoice, you can optionally import a cash receipt, essentially closing out the receivables transaction. The cash receipt is triggered by configurable order status codes. CartSpan will apply the CC type and ‘last 4’ digits of the card as the reference. The cash account to which the receipt is applied is configurable based upon the payment method. CartSpan can receive the customer prepayment as either a 'credit' or a 'short-term liability' depending upon your individual business process.

Coupon/Discount Performance Analysis - QUICKBOOKS ONLY - CartSpan supports special handling of coupons during the import process to allow enhanced financial analysis of the campaigns you run. This feature is unique to CartSpan and enables you to easily see 'percentage of sales' for all coupon codes redeemed in Magento.

PayPal/Bank Transaction Fees - For any payment method that applies a consistent transaction fee, CartSpan can calculate this value and apply it to the payment as a discount. This is accomplished via a configurable formula for each payment method affected. This adjustment is typically applied manually during the reconciliation process; long after the order has been imported. CartSpan saves you significant amounts of time by removing this task entirely.

Customer Prepayments - If you are importing a web order (paid by credit card) into accounting as an order, CartSpan can properly apply a credit on the order itself and also create a transaction that debits cash. CartSpan will apply the CC type and ‘last 4’ digits of the card as the reference. The cash account to which the payment is applied is configurable based upon the payment method.

Tax Handling - CartSpan allows you to direct taxes to specific codes based upon City, State, or Zip Code. What’s more, CartSpan will detect and allocate taxes to any configured sub-authorities that may be configured for the referenced tax-code.

Address Handling - CartSpan overcomes the challenges parsing of the second address line for billing and shipping addresses. For users of Sage 50 and Peachtree, CartSpan will cross-reference state codes to import a valid 2 character reference.

Item Configurable Options - CartSpan offers special support for ‘simple’ items with configurable options. All of the configuration input provided by the customer will be specially formatted and appended to the general description of the item during import.

Configurable Bundles - CartSpan supports a configurable bundle offering without any code changes to your Magento system. Such functionality is not presently available in standard Magento CE. All work is accomplished utilizing standard fields in Magento's existing Configurable product type and one has only to follow SKU formatting guidelines that are recognized by CartSpan's import logic. This approach eliminates any opportunities for disruptions during future upgrades and provides a new and powerful marketing tool for attracting customers. See our blog post @ Configurable Bundles for an extended description of this functionality.

Many-to-One Item Mapping - CartSpan is the only integration that allows you to create one (or more) 'phantom' items in the shopping cart that can be mapped to a single SKU in the accounting system. Moreover, these cart-level phantom items can represent multiple quantities and pack-based pricing for the item mapped in the accounting system. CartSpan manages all price/quantity conversions during the import/export process.

'Piggy-Back Item' Support - For those marketing campaigns where you need to easily attach a ‘free’ or ‘complementary’ item to the purchase of a specific product, CartSpan supports easy association of this ‘piggy-back’ item so that it is dynamically added during the import. This is accomplished without any extended or complicated configuration in the shopping cart.

In-line Substitutions - Convert the incoming item to an entirely different item number with an appropriate conversion factor for quantity/price. This feature was designed for sellers that need to register material consumption from an entirely different base-stock from what is being ordered. Reference to the original item code/description is maintained during the import.

Bundled Item Support - The seemingly intractable problem of ‘child’ items being exported from Magento without prices is resolved with CartSpan. For fixed-priced bundled items, CartSpan will intelligently allocate pricing across these items. Individual items descriptions are also modified to indicate their association with the original ‘parent’ item.

Auto Creation of Items - If your business process is such that you choose not to create items in your accounting system until they are sold on the Website, CartSpan can be configured to auto-create the item at the time of order import. The new item is created using the description and the price of the ordered item. Options for auto creation include: inventory, non-inventory, and service.

Support For Drop-Shippers - CartSpan can create inventory items on-the-fly with an initialized cost from Magento. This ensures that your profitability reports by item are correct when the first transaction for the item is created during the import. This feature is generally not found in competitive integrations.

Discounts and Coupon Handling - CartSpan will create individual line items for any coupons or discounts that are applied to the order along with reference to the individual coupon or promotional codes.

Transaction Class by Store - For businesses that break-out their financials using the 'Transaction Class' feature in QuickBooks, CartSpan can map your Magento store number to the desired class during the import. This feature is useful for merchants that maintain a 'wholesale' and a 'retail' store and want to view performance separately within the accounting system.

Template by Item - CartSpan allows you to configure an item wildcard with a specific invoice/order template. For example, if you indicate that any incoming item found to contain the text 'SER', you can assign a custom services-based template to the order.

Customer Class Cross-Reference - CartSpan allows you to cross-reference customer classifications coming from your web store with those already configured in QuickBooks.

FedEx Shipping Integration - For QuickBooks customers, CartSpan offers special formatting of the ShipTo address so that you don't have to make any adjustments to support import into QuickBooks' FedEx Shipment Manager. Additionally, the order weight is conspicuously imported into the beginning of the Memo field so that all you have to do is 'Cut and Paste' it into the corresponding FedEx Shipment Manager field. This saves you loads of time in manually calculating total weight of the individual line-items.

Comments as Line-Item -Given the severe space constraints of the QuickBooks 'memo' field, CartSpan will auto-create a final line-item on the order/invoice to hold comments associated with the web order.

Support for import of Sales Representative - Standard Magento CE does not support the association of a sales representative with specific customers. CartSpan supports 1 (or more) popular extensions that closes this gap in functionality. This is especially useful for companies utilizing Magento as an order entry front-end and manage sales commissions out of the accounting system . Scroll down to view these (and other) extensions supported by CartSpan.

Automation - CartSpan can run manually or be configured to import new orders at a pre-determined user-defined frequency.

Email Alerts (administrative and operational) - CartSpan can be configured to send email alerts to a system administrator when there are exceptions encountered during the integration. For instance, CartSpan can send notification for when new items are created in accounting.

Pick-List Generation - If your organization deals with external fulfillment services, you can configure CartSpan to send a comprehensive pick-list to one (or more) email addresses. Or, you could simply choose to send the email to an internal resource. The CartSpan generated pick-list has full shipping information as well as any customer comments relating to fulfillment. CartSpan will recognize an item custom field designating stock location (QB Enterprise Only); which can then be sorted upon and used to create a more usable pick-list for warehouse fulfillment operations.

Multiple Stores - CartSpan can import order information from select (multiple) stores within a single Magento database. For instance, one CartSpan customer operating Magento for ‘field sales’ has approximately 55 different companies configured…one for each sales person on the force. As long as you are importing to a single accounting company, there are no additional charges.

Amazon Integration - If you don’t already use the free M2E community extension for integration with your Amazon merchant account, you can use CartSpan instead. Amazon integration is included in CartSpan at no additional cost and offers extended support for a common item that might be represented in multiple packing configurations in Amazon.

Item Price/Quantity Update – Key Points of Integration

Stock Quantity Update – Near real-time updates of stock quantity available in response to receiving, invoicing, and adjustment activity in the accounting system. As an additional measure of accuracy, CartSpan reflects the quantity available for sale based upon item quantities on open sales orders.

Assembly stock based-upon Child-items – Factor availability of first-level child-item quantities when determining inventory available for the assembled parent item. This is useful for manufacturers that make-to-order and wish to maintain maximum flexibility in their manufacturing process. Inventory available is represented in the web store based upon the limiting 1st level child-item.

Minimum Stock Configuration - If you are oversold in the accounting system, CartSpan allows you to artificially indicate a minimum quantity available in the cart.

Item Price Updates: Standard and Sales Pricing - CartSpan allows you to maintain both your ‘standard’ and ‘sales’ pricing in the accounting system; no need to remember updates between two systems.

Price Markup or Markdown Tools - If you elect to offer more competitive pricing on your website, relative to your ‘bricks and mortar’ operation, CartSpan allows you to configure global or item-specific markdown (or markup) percentages.

Price Rounding - We all know that multiplying existing prices by a given percentage often results in an odd looking value. CartSpan employs rounding rules to bring your price to the nearest ‘0.05’ or ‘0.09’ value; giving you pricing consistency across your site.

Multi-Pack Support - Option to sell individual items as a multi-pack unit (as configured in accounting) and have the appropriate conversion to ‘Each’ applied during the import.

Advance support for assembly-based product types - Though you may not have final product assembled for sale, CartSpan can present the amount of final product you can reliably offer. CartSpan will determine available inventory for each item represented on the first level of the assembly and calculate the maximum quantity of the parent item that can be produced. This availability calculation even includes open orders for after-market purchases of affected child components.

Advanced Support for QuickBooks Group-Item Product Type - Though similar in behavior to assemblies, the QuickBooks Group-Item never really 'exists' in inventory as it is 'exploded' on the Invoice/Order from within the QB user interface. Because of its nature, a Group-Item can't typically be represented directly by its Item Name in the shopping cart. CartSpan's special handling of the item type enables this. CartSpan can present the amount of final product you can reliably offer. CartSpan will determine available inventory for each item represented in the group configuration and calculate the maximum quantity of the Group-Item that can be offered. This calculation goes so far as to include open orders for after-market purchases of group components. During the import process, CartSpan will 'recognize' the incoming SKU as a Group-Item and convert it to the associated components with appropriate quantities and allocated pricing.

Factor Quantities on Open POs in Inventory Availability - CartSpan allows you to include a percentage of the materials on open Purchase Orders in the quantity available sent back to the shopping cart. This allows merchants to safely 'hedge' the representation of their offering so that they do not miss sales opportunities. The 'hedge' factor allows a merchant to anticipate for damage-of-goods or short shipments from suppliers.

Support for 'Stock Location' Custom Field - (QuickBooks Enterprise users only) CartSpan will recognize an item custom field designating stock location; which can then be sorted upon and used to create a more usable pick-list for warehouse fulfillment operations.

Support for QuickBooks Multi-Warehouse - CartSpan is the only commercial integration product that fully supports Multi-Warehouse functionality offered by QuickBooks Enterprise. CartSpan's unique business logic will appropriately assign stock location to create a highly usable pick-list for warehouse personnel.

We also offer native support for some very popular community extensions:

M2E Pro – Enable single-point integration of your Amazon and Ebay merchant accounts with Magento. See our blog post Here detailing native support. CartSpan is the only solution on the market that effectively manages the cross-reference of item codes and multi-pack configurations passed-in to Magento via M2E.

Delivery Date by AdjustWare – Lets your customers choose delivery date and time and manage available delivery days.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments by aheadWorks – Accept recurring payments and sell subscription products in your Magento store. CartSpan fully recognizes the extension-specific product types used within this module.

Advanced Product Options by MageWorx – Simplifies the process of adding configurable options by not having to utilize configurable products. Use this product to quickly add options to your existing simple products. Each configured option can have its own price, SKU, weight, inventory quantity, and image. User consensus is that APO saves extraordinary amounts of time.

Customer Credit by MageWorx – This extension allows you set credit amounts in Magento for a specific customer. This new 'Internal Credit' payment method can be used for full or partial payment during checkout.

One Step Checkout  – This well-reviewed extension (Here) allows consolidation of your checkout into a single page. CartSpan recognizes and imports a user-supplied Purchase Order number (if applicable); which is critical for companies engaging in B2B operations.

Reward Points+ – A well-reviewed loyalty program extension by Magestore (Here) that helps you keep your customers coming back. Customers earn 'points' for their purchases and can redeem these points as discounts against future purchases. CartSpan appropriately picks-up the discount from Reward Points+ supporting tables and includes it in the import process. This extension is value-priced and very cost-effective relative to other loyalty program extensions.

Reward Points Pro – A well-reviewed loyalty program extension by MageWorld (Here) that helps you keep your customers coming back. Customers earn 'points' for their purchases and can redeem these points as discounts against future purchases. CartSpan appropriately picks-up the discount from Reward Points Pro supporting tables and includes it in the import process. Though more expensive than other reward points extensions, this extension offers more extensive features including tie-in's to Social Media.

Sales Reps and Dealers – A well-reviewed sales rep extension by Amasty (Here). Standard Magento CE does not support the association of a sales representative with specific customers. This extension allows you make these associations and CartSpan will import the username assigned to the sales rep (in Magento ) into the Sales Rep ID field on the order/invoice in the accounting system. This is especially useful for companies utilizing Magento as an order entry front-end and manage sales commissions out of the accounting system.

Sales Representative Commission Manager – A well-reviewed sales/commission tracking extension by Lucid Path (Here). Standard Magento CE does not support the capture of an internal sales representative when Magento is utilized for inside sales. This extension allows you make these associations and CartSpan will import the username assigned to the sales rep (in Magento ) into the Sales Rep ID field on the order/invoice in the accounting system. This is especially useful for companies utilizing Magento as an order entry front-end and manage sales commissions out of the accounting system.

eCommerce Gamification Suite by aheadWorks – This extension takes the concept of reward points to a whole new level. If you sell a product that lends itself to communal engagement, this extension allows your customers to 'compete' with each other in a way that promotes your product. Customers are rewarded for reviews, referrals, and purchases and can redeem 'points' at the time of checkout.

How we are different:

We’ve built our own API - The CartSpan integration utilizes internally developed scripts to retrieve order information. This gives us a significant amount of latitude in designing for an ‘operations-centric’ integration. And because we enjoy full-control over the integration, we don’t have to wait for features to be added to the next release…we just do it.

Not an order-management tool - Unlike competitive systems, CartSpan does not function as an intermediate order management tool…this is what you pay good money for your QuickBooks and Sage 50 products to do. Competitive systems require you to step through a cumbersome process of applying status to each order before it can be imported into accounting. QuickBooks and Sage 50 have built-in tools for shipping integration, the original impetus for the ‘order management’ product architecture of competitive systems. With shipping integration now supported by the accounting system, the order-management approach becomes redundant, time-consuming, and simply non-value-added. CartSpan is so ‘hands-off’, just set your desired configurations and watch your orders appear in your accounting system.

Fewer post-import adjustments – CartSpan is packed full of configurable options that allow you to control what gets imported and how it is formatted. The result is a highly nuanced integration with a goal of you not having to ‘touch’ the order after it is imported.

We hold your hand – There is a reason that our reviews on Magento Connect are stellar; we employ a pragmatic delivery process that ensures your success. After we discuss your project and agree that CartSpan will satisfy your business requirements, we provide a ‘paint-by-numbers’ pre-configuration checklist for integration with your chosen accounting system. When this list has been completed, you are only about 1-1/2 hours away from seeing your Magento orders importing into accounting. If you are a developer, please see our ‘Note to Developers’ page at

The absolute best value on the market Sure, cost is not the most important factor, but it is certainly on everyone’s minds these days. Consider that CartSpan is approx. 40% less expensive initially and approx. 80% less expensive annually than its nearest competitor. Our licensing mechanisms are less intrusive with annual renewals and we don’t bill your credit card monthly. Also, when you use QuickBooks or Sage 50, do you really care that the most expensive integration on the market serves 40 other accounting packages? Invest your hard-earned SMB returns in a solution specialized to your accounting system, rather than subsidizing the non-value-added overhead of competitive systems.

Data Security

--- All credentials used to access the shopping cart are securely encrypted

--- To support PCI compliance, CartSpan does not transmit or receive any credit card or sensitive financial information to/from the shopping cart.

System Performance

Order Download/Import: CartSpan has been stress-tested for high-volume import operations. In one contiguous session, CartSpan has been observed to import 1,046 orders in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. This includes the automatic creation of new customer orders, followed by Invoices and their subsequent receipts for paid transactions.

Item Price/Quantity Upload: CartSpan has been stress-tested against an implementation of another well-established open-source cart utilizing the mySQL/xNIX platform. Over 10,000 items have been successfully exported from the accounting system and uploaded to the cart via a single call to the supporting PHP script.

Scalability: One CartSpan customer runs approximately 55 individual stores in the Magento database and imports all orders/invoices into a single accounting company.

M1 Extension Versions

A bi-directional integration for QuickBooks/Sage 50 (U.S. versions only) to import your orders and update price/stock in the cart.

2015-06-12 12:43:32
  • Version number: 2015
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility:, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9
CartSpan supports Magento Community in your chosen hosting environment. Support is offered from version 1.4.1 and forward.

Please note that CartSpan does not currently support integration with Magento GO or QuickBooks Online.

A bi-directional integration for Peachtree/QB/Sage 50 (U.S. versions only) to import your orders and update price/stock in the cart.

2011-02-01 06:03:14
  • Version number: 2014
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility:, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6
CartSpan supports Magento Community in your chosen hosting environment. Support is offered from version 1.4.1 through 1.9.

Please note that CartSpan does not currently support integration with Magento GO or QuickBooks Online.

Does your product work with Quickbooks Online?

Asked by: mb2014
From the release notes: "Please note that CartSpan does not currently support integration with Magento GO or QuickBooks Online."
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2014-03-29

what is annual plan or life time plan?

hey, this price $495 is for lifetime or annual time? is there any monthly charges available or not?
Asked by: PatelJaydip
Hi PatelJaydip, Please visit for current pricing and detail regarding our value proposition.
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2015-09-19

Does this work for UK version of Quickbooks Pro 2013

Your module looks interesting, we are looking for a solution that will link our Magento site with Quickbooks Pro 2013. Does this do live updating, ie. if we sell a product in store this would be removed from the website automatically? Thanks
Asked by: Dan_Lapodo
Hi, Thank you for the question. CartSpan currently supports the U.S. versions of QuickBooks and Sage 50 only. Regarding the update, CartSpan will update, almost immediately, quantity-available in the cart from any 'bricks and mortar' invoicing, receiving, and adjustment activities in accounting. Hope this helps.
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2013-10-22

Should I setup Quickbooks first?

Hi there, I'm setting up Quickbooks and Magento at same time and planning to use Cartspan for data exchange, during the setup I need to put in the customers and item data which is pretty big. My question is when I put in the customers and item data for the first time, where should I put it in first, Quickbooks or Magento? I know Cartspan is by-directional but I like to make sure for easier and safe way. Sincerely, Jesse
Asked by: selini
Hi Jesse, Thank you for the question. For a current description of implementation prerequisites, please visit the following page on the CartSpan website: Please fee free to call the contact number in the banner of the homepage if you have any further questions.
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2013-10-22

Is Non-US QuickBooks Pro 2013 Support coming?

Hi Do you have any plans to support QuickBooks Pro 2013? Would really love this and would pay twice the amount to have it :) thanks
Asked by: jackaroo
Hi jackaroo, We are currently considering support for Canadian version of QuickBooks. Please check back periodically for updates if you have not found a solution in the interim. Thanks, CartSpan Support
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2015-09-19

Does this work with Mas 500 soon to be Sage 500

We will be using an extension to incorporate our SagePay services, but still need a way to make the "ordering" side of the process more seamless.
Asked by: brittnenorth
Hi brittnenorth, CartSpan is designed to work with Sage "50" US-version only; not "500." They are two distinctly different products.
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2013-11-23

we have quickbooks premier 2011/2012

we have quickbooks premier 2011/2012 using it in New Zealand. Will your software work with it? Thanks
Asked by: vinceeken
Hi vinceeken, CartSpan currently supports only the US versions of the accounting packages listed. If you are using a US version in New Zealand you should be fine.
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2013-10-22

Quickbooks Cloud and Canadian Quickbooks

We have our Quickbooks in a cloud and we are a canadian company, will this work for us?
Asked by: warehousepoint
Sorry warehouspoint, no support for Canadian QuickBooks. CartSpan can, however, be used with QB U.S. desktop versions running in Cloud hosting environments like Cloud9 or MyRealData.
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2014-04-19

Will you be supporting MyoB Accounting?

Asked by: mark1203
Hi mark1203, Sorry, but no plans to support MyoB Accounting. Best Regards, Scott
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2014-11-22

Is an Automated Shipping Notification Sent

Does the software send a shipping notification with tracking information back to the store and close the order?
Asked by: Danielle0201
Hi Daniello201, Thanks for the inquiry. CartSpan doesn't presently write tracking information back to the order. We found that the shipping managers within QuickBooks do a suitable job of communicating tracking information back to the customer.
Answered by: CartSpan
Date published: 2015-09-19
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by CartSpan

QuickBooks, Sage 50, and FrontAccounting Integration is rated 3.9 out of 5 by 75.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Product / Great Support! For those who are responsible for the daily operations of any business knows that double entry of data is not only time consuming, but it is also one of the most common causes of mistakes when entering orders, processing invoices, shipping and billing. Cartspan addresses the issue of getting order data from your website to your accounting system. Unless you have big money to throw at your order processing system, you will most likely have to do just what I did - and that's to look for the best, most cost efficient way to integrate your ecommerce website with your accounting system. Believe me, for the money, you won't find a better, more capable product. I have over 15 years of IT integration experience and have worked on many projects dealing with systems that did not transfer data easily between each other. I researched many different products when I embarked on my own e-commerce website project. My search led me to Cartspan. After some lengthy conversations with the developer, I decided Cartspan was the right fit. I'm very satisfied with both the performance of the software and the service/support after the sale. My implementation went smoothly, mostly because I was able to prepare my environment appropriately, plus provide Scott with the information he needed to pre-configure the "hooks" in Cartspan. My only suggestion to you is to complete the pre-implementation worksheet provided. Completing that worksheet will make your implementation go smoothly as well. No double entry for me!
Date published: 2014-01-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Good solution CartSpan ended up being a good solution for us. We are a Canadian company doing business in CAN and use Magento for eCommerce. It was critical to have our accounting system accessible anywhere, so we installed it on the same web server where Magento is located. Everything integrates well. The info comes into FA every 15 minutes or so. The level of detail and formatting provided in the imports is exceptional. For instance: we get payment, ship method, and total order weight information in the notes field which is very helpful. The product is well designed and implementation was very smooth. This is due largely, we believe, to the checklist that is provided for preparation. Overall, CartSpan offers great value for anyone looking to streamline this part of their business process and we highly recommend it.
Date published: 2014-01-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Outstanding Customer Service Working with many clients, the service Scott performed was outstanding. He was able to work with my customers on my behalf and make every one happy. The software in place as worked with absolutly no errors or downtime.
Date published: 2014-01-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Product w/ Support to Back It We had the opportunity to work with a client running Sage Peachtree and needed a solid piece of software that could keep the two inventory systems in sync. We decided on using CartSpan to facilitate this. Scott provides easy-to-follow set-up instructions for both the Magento and Accounting system. He was very responsive to any questions or issues that we encountered and I would recommend CartSpan as a solution to your Magento/Accounting synchronization needs.
Date published: 2013-12-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing Product, Amazing Support We are a manufacturing company that sells food products to wholesalers and retailers. We have just developed an online store to sell a limited number of products directly to consumers. In QuickBooks we produce and stock only items in case quantities. For example, item #123 would be a case that contains 6 bags of a certain item. We NEVER sell individual bags to any customer except on our online store. This created a problem in importing our Magento orders because of the quantity and pricing conversion. I searched for a product that would handle this issue for us and none that I found would do it except for CartSpan. Scott made it very simple, we set up a conversion whereby the SKU's on our online store are translated into our QuickBooks item numbers. So a customer might place an order for 3 of item "123-Bag" on our online store @ $8.00 per bag. When the order is imported into QuickBooks it comes in at a quantity of 0.5 of item 123 which is a case of 6 bags. The sales price comes in at $48 per item and the total sale is $24.00. We also needed to have all Magento orders entered into QuickBooks under one customer name and that is done very easily. The product is quite impressive but the support is even better. Quite honestly it's not something that I'm accustomed to receiving. When I first contacted CartSpan by filling out an online form, my request was answered within a few minutes. Scott did some initial testing to confirm our requirements would be met. When the time came to set up the product, the pre configuration checklist that Scott provides makes it very simple. A few days after we installed the product we had an order that didn't import correctly. I contacted Scott and he identified the problem immediately. He said he needed to make a small change and would have an updated version of the program to me in the morning #this was about 3 PM#. That impressed me. After I hung up he called me back in about ten minutes and said it was ready to install. Now I was REALLY impressed. This is a company that actually cares about it's customers and their unique needs and it shows from the minute you start dealing with them.
Date published: 2013-12-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from This is the module you need I honestly tried every top rated module for connecting QuickBooks and Magneto and they all fell short. Cart span is without a doubt the best module out there. Not only can it do everything you require if there are any issues the support is simply second to none. Even based in Australia the support is excellent. Highly recommended.
Date published: 2013-12-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from CartSpan Workiing with Scott was a very pleaseant and information experience. He was able to answer my questions very efficiently and was very knowledgable about our integration process. Overall it was he was very helpful and informative, I will not hesitat to work with Scott in the future and will also recommend him to my colleges as well.
Date published: 2013-11-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from GREAT PRODUCT Our company had some unique issues in the e-commerce area and after reading some of the reviews on Cartspan, I decided to give it a try. We had already been through using ECC with an earlier shopping cart and I was very familiar with the headaches that involved…. So when we switched our shopping cart to Magento, I knew that ECC was not going to be a viable option for us. Scott walked us through every step of the setup process and when things didn’t work right, he would always come back in a few hours or the next day with a fix that allowed us to keep moving forward on the installation. We had some intensive cleanup work to do on our customer list in Quickbooks, but it was all worth it. The product is now installed and it’s AMAZING! It has saved us hours and hours of time each week in not having to do manual inputs on 50-100 sales transactions daily. Scott is very easy to work with and he responds to calls or emails promptly. He’s always researching ways to improve the product. The value for the price can’t be beat. I just can’t say enough about how happy we are and how much we love Cartspan!
Date published: 2013-10-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very Satisfied, Great Product We are thrilled with this product and the customer service. It was easy to set up (because we were given a checklist in advance to work through prior to his installation). Once set up, minimal tweaking was required. As we began to identify new features that would better address our specific implementation of Quickbooks, he responded with the modified code within a day or two of our request. He is always accessible and responds quickly to questions or any calls for help. The product works great!!
Date published: 2013-07-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Magento / Sage50 integration for store with bundled items A few years back we had a tight deadline to move our online store to Magento and needed a tool to integrate our store with PeachTree. The only tool we found that could integrate the two was CartSpan. We also needed the tool to handle bundled items properly. We contacted the support and presented our situation. Scott worked worked directly with us to extend the features of the CartSpan Magento integration and even walked us through the setup process to make sure things worked flawlessly. We've continued to use CartSpan to this day and have come to value more than anything the excellent customer support.
Date published: 2013-07-26
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