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Maximise revenue and recover costs by charging customers more or less according to a range of criteria.
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Surcharge by Fooman

Charge more or less based on payment method, credit card type and/or customer group or add a small order fee.

Extension Overview

Surcharges made easy
Pass on expensive payment provider fees to customers in an easy and transparent way, without increasing your product pricing. Alternatively, encourage customers to use cost effective payment options by offering a discount for these payment methods.

Flexible surcharge options
Surcharge according to a range of flexible criteria including payment method, customer type, product, country or region of order, and even shipping method.
Charge a small order fee or enforce a minimum order amount. Apply surcharges only to orders below or above a specified value.

Fine grained control over credit card surcharges
Impose a global credit card surcharge, a surcharge only for particular card types*, or different surcharges for different card types*.
* These targeted surcharges require your store to be running a payment solution where customers enter credit card details on your website (rather than an external payment solution).

Integrated surcharge display
Surcharges and a configurable surcharge description are automatically displayed in the following places:
• Checkout
• Print Order page
• My Account Order View page
• Customer sales emails generated by Magento
• Pdfs generated by Magento

Quick and easy to use
Easily add, manage and delete surcharges in minutes. Do it all from the Magento backend without technical knowledge.

Surcharge Types

Charge more or less based on:
• Payment method
• Credit card payments (card-specific surcharges are possible if customers enter credit card details directly on your website)
• Customer type
• Country or region of order (based on either billing or shipping address)
• Product
• Shipping method (add a surcharge for mandatory insurance or extra handling fees for certain shipping methods)

• Enforce a minimum order amount by adding an extra fee to orders below a specified amount
• Charge a small order fee on orders below a specified amount
• Customer group filter option on all surcharge types (except product surcharge)
• Country filter for payment surcharges - surcharge customers only from specific countries, or surcharge everyone except customers from specific countries
• Order minimum/maximum filter for payment surcharges - apply surcharges only to orders below/above a specified value
• Surcharge can be a flat rate or a percentage fee (except product surcharges, which can be configured as a flat rate fee only)

Other Features

• Configurable surcharge description
• Surcharge details are automatically added to the checkout, Print Order page, Account Order View page, customer sales emails and pdfs generated by Magento
• Fine grained control over how surcharges are calculated - choose to include or exclude tax, shipping and discounts, or simply surcharge based on the grand total
• Choose where the surcharge is displayed in the checkout totals sort order
• Choose to display surcharges including tax, excluding tax, or both
• Choose which tax class applies to surcharges
• Set different surcharges on a per store basis (multi store capable)
• Check out the instructions, user documentation and more reviews on the Fooman website


• Compatible with Magento's 'Checkout with Multiple Addresses' feature
• Google Checkout is currently not supported
• Please read the FAQ on our website product listing carefully if you are also running another payment extension (especially a One Step Checkout module), as some modules are not compatible with Fooman Surcharge

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What People are Saying about Fooman Surcharge

“Flexible extension and brilliant support. Of all the surcharge type extensions, this one seems to understand the complexities of Magento's payment system the best. And when I did run into problems, the support was prompt, friendly and highly effective. Highly recommended!”

- Neil, via the Fooman website

“This extension was great and easy to install (and delivered immediately)! Unfortunately I tried a similar extension from elsewhere with problems, and I finally gave up to give Fooman extension a try (have bought another Fooman extension before), and it works fine with: GoMage LightCheckout and PayPal (the other extension I tried had problems with total amount coming out wrong, but with this extension the order amount is the same as PayPal amount). Even support VAT on surcharge (option), and I now think I can use it for even other purposes that I first planned (many options)!”

- it24, via Magento Connect

“A truly great and useful extension! I would especially like to thank all the staff of Fooman for his professionalism, courtesy, availability and speed. Congratulations guys and keep up the great work! I really recommend everyone to try this extension (and all others produced by Fooman, let me say!)”

- F.L., via Magento Connect

“Hello, thumbs up for the fast and accurate support after buying this extension. Some particular adaptations had to be done for our shop, and were done in a couple of days, including a smile. Recommended... extension worth installing !”

- eenplus, via Magento Connect

M1 Extension Versions

Charge more or less based on Credit Card choice. Charge more or less based on Customer Group. Enforce a minimum order amount.

2009-06-04 04:21:51
  • Version number: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6
Charge more or less based on Credit Card choice. Charge more or less based on Customer Group. Enforce a minimum order amount.
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by Fooman

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