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Easily change invoice, order, packing slip, shipment & credit memo pdfs. 65+ flexible options
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Pdf Customiser

Thousands of Magento stores trust Fooman Pdf Customiser to quickly and easily customise Magento invoice, order, shipment and credit memo pdf documents. This quality extension is coded by a Magento Certified Developer Plus, integrates with Magento's themes and is compatible with a wide range of popular Magento extensions.

Flexible, good looking pdfs designed to suit your business

Easily create professional, user friendly Magento pdfs with 65+ custom options in the backend. Choose from 2 ready-to-use template designs in the backend, or create your own custom design by modifying the html template files.

Add your company logo, product images and detailed product attribute information. Change page margins and fonts, add custom information, digitally sign pdfs, add detailed tax information and more (see full feature list below).

Improve your store's efficiency

Clever features save you valuable time. Use integrated address labels on invoice and shipment pdfs to simplify shipping. Add SKU barcodes for more accurate warehouse packing. Allow customers to download invoice, shipment and credit memo pdfs from the frontend - even for guest orders.

Create a new "Order Confirmation" pdf for easy order management. You can even print the order as packing slip, to bypass the standard work flow (eliminates “there are no printable documents related to selected orders” errors!).

Email friendly pdf attachments

Automatically attach your customised pdf files to sales emails. Pdf file sizes are automatically optimised with file size reduction of up to 90%.

Easy to use with flexible options

Easily customise pdfs in minutes from the Magento backend - without technical knowledge. Plus, if the 65+ backend options aren't enough to make your perfect pdf - it's easy to make advanced customisations by editing the extension's template files or the developer friendly extension code. Customise pdfs with .phtml templates, without having to deal with Zend_Pdf.

Full List of Features

Layout/design options:
• Choose from 2 flexible layout options in the backend
• Customise page margins
• Choose A4 or letter page sizes
• Change the font size
• Choose from system fonts (Times New Roman, Helvetica, Courier, Arial Chinese/Korean/Japanese), Dejavu fonts, or upload your own font
• Further layout customisations can also be achieved by theming the *.phtml files that come with Pdf Customiser (this is not done via the backend - basic html/Magento theming knowledge is required)

Add the following to pdfs:
• Company logo (different placement options available)
• Background images (eg. company letterhead)
• Store address
• Customer billing, shipping and/or email addresses
• Base and/or order currency
• Delivery date (invoice only)
• Order history with comments
• Gift messages
• Compatible with a range of 3rd party extensions which add customer order comments
• Order number (can also be displayed as a barcode)
• Integrated labels with billing and/or shipping addresses (for invoice and shipment pdfs)
• Footers
• Custom text (eg. customer number, discount code for next order, marketing message...)

Product options:
• Display up to five product attributes (options include product image, SKU barcode, item weight and custom attributes)
• Control the product attribute display order
• Choose to replace coupon codes with the promotion name
• Display product surcharges created by Fooman Surcharge

Tax settings:
• Add business and/or customer tax numbers
• Include tax information required by your country or local jurisdiction
• Honours your settings to display order totals as tax inclusive or exclusive (unlike default Magento pdfs)

Additional features:
• Change the title and control the file name of each pdf document
• Automatically attach customised pdf files to sales emails (file size reduction up to 90%)
• Adds new "Order Confirmation" pdf document type
• Control the order of totals (subtotal, discount, tax, shipping costs etc)
• Bypass the standard work flow order to print packing slips before shipping
• Digitally sign pdfs for extra security
• Customers can download customised pdf documents from the frontend, even when not logged in
• Choose to open pdfs in a new browser window
• Multi store capable - use different pdf templates for different stores
• Great support to help you get it up and running
• Translations available in 30 languages - see the FAQ on our website listing for details

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Check out the instructions, user documentation and more reviews on the Fooman website.

What People are Saying about Fooman Pdf Customiser

“We wanted a way to improve Magento's default PDFs without having to modify code & this extension is brilliant. We now have great looking packing docs with logos and legible type. The developer has really thought of everything – everything can be done easily through the admin console. It also has support for integrated labels - it's all built in and configured, all you have to do is tick a a box to turn it on. I can't recommend this highly enough - support was 1st class as well” - frank265

“This is the best PDF customizing type extension available. Having the added benefit of automatically e-mailing the PDFs to customers on order, shipment, credit memo, invoicing, etc. Great stuff. Perfect install, smooth operation and customizing in 1.6.1” - tandylacker

“This brilliant extension did wonders for our order confirmation, invoices and delivery notes printouts. We also received great support from Kristoff. Every Magento install should have this extension” - GP Supplies

“Great extension, installed smoothly and customer support was lightening fast when I asked how to remove the Telephone line in the US address format. I'd recommend PDF Customiser to anyone and it does Integrated Labels right out of the box! Now all I have to do is peel off the parcel label and stick it on the package. Thanks Kristof for the great (affordable) extensions and excellent service” - WebBod

M1 Extension Versions

Latest release

2015-05-07 03:25:03
  • Version number: 2.10.24
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.12, 1.13, 1.13.1, 1.14
Latest release, refer to changelog


2009-05-02 03:14:57
  • Version number: 1.5
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6
1.5 Release

Is it possible to generate product view PDF?

Is it possible to generate product view PDF from the front end like a brochure, that customer can download?
Asked by: oustin
Hi there, Yes, the customer can view/download all pdf types from the front end. Cheers,
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2014-07-05

Access Denied

Hello We purchased your extension some time back.We are facing access denied issue,while placing an order in Magento admin for custom privilege user.Let us know your extension need all privilege to place order? Please confirm
Asked by: rekha12345
Hi there, Our extension does not use any custom privileges and uses the order view privilege when displaying the pdfs. It is not involved in the order create screen. Please make sure you are using the latest version of our extension and get in touch via our email for further support (it can take up to 72 hours for us to get notified of a question on here). Cheers,
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2015-09-19

If your extension compatible with Magento Exterprise

I am using Magento Enterprise ver. Let me know if it is compatible.
Asked by: xuimomokoc
Hi xuimomokoc Thanks for your question. We will be releasing a supported version for Enterprise on our website today. Cheers Fooman Support
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-10-22

Error, please help asap

Hi there, Just installed the extension and followed all the steps. After turning compilation back on, I'm receiving this error: Mage registry key "_singleton/emailattachments/observer" already exists Trace: #0 /home/sac/domains/ Mage::throwException('Mage registry k...') #1 /home/sac/domains/ Mage::register('_singleton/emai...', false) #2 /home/sac/domains/ Mage::getSingleton('emailattachment...') #3 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_App->dispatchEvent('core_block_abst...', Array) #4 /home/sac/domains/ Mage::dispatchEvent('core_block_abst...', Array) #5 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Block_Abstract->setLayout(Object(Mage_Core_Model_Layout)) #6 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_Layout->createBlock('adminhtml/page_...', 'head') #7 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_Layout->addBlock('adminhtml/page_...', 'head') #8 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_Layout->_generateBlock(Object(Mage_Core_Model_Layout_Element), Object(Mage_Core_Model_Layout_Element)) #9 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_Layout->generateBlocks(Object(Mage_Core_Model_Layout_Element)) #10 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_Layout->generateBlocks() #11 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Action->generateLayoutBlocks() #12 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Action->loadLayout(NULL, true, true) #13 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Adminhtml_Controller_Action->loadLayout() #14 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Compiler_Adminhtml_Compiler_ProcessController->indexAction() #15 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Action->dispatch('index') #16 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard->match(Object(Mage_Core_Controller_Request_Http)) #17 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Front->dispatch() #18 /home/sac/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_App->run(Array) #19 /home/sac/domains/ Mage::run('', 'store') #20 {main} Can you please help? Thanks. Best regards, Lennart
Asked by: deyssel
Hi Lennart, Any time new code is installed the compiler needs to re-run the compilation process instead of simply re-enabling it. To recover from your situation please edit includes/config.php and comment out the define line. For details on this please see our installation guide under troubleshooting (page 32) In the future for urgent support questions it is best to email us directly at (it takes a while for Magento to approve your question and our answer). Cheers Kristof
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2015-07-18

Can I customise pdf documents for gift purchases?

Asked by: Fooman
Yes. The default setting is not to display pricing information on the packing slip. If customer entered a gift message for the order, this will also display automatically on the packing slip. Individual gift messages/notes (per item) appear on all pdf documents.
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-10-22

Can I customise the layout of pdf documents with this extension?

Asked by: Fooman
Yes. It is possible to configure several different layout variations from the backend using the 2 layout options and other custom options (logo placement, margins, integrated labels etc). From PdfCustomiser version 2.0 onwards, further layout customisations can also be achieved by theming the *.phtml files that come with Pdf Customiser. Please note that this is not done via the backend - basic html/Magento theming knowledge is required.
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-10-22

Can I include the customer VAT number on pdf documents?

Asked by: Fooman
Yes. If the customer VAT number is entered during checkout, this will be shown as part of the billing address by default.
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-10-22

Do you have the Stock pickup module?

If the customer choose stock of the product to pickup by their own, it should be display the stock address in the order and invoice.
Asked by: kounyak
This is currently not something any of our extensions offers as a feature.
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2015-07-18

Customers telephone number only on shipping slip?

Is it possible to show customers telephone number only on shipping/packing slip? Seems that normally the same address format is used for invoice and shipping/packing slip. Thanks for your response!
Asked by: wbr_t
Hi there, The address template is taken from System > Configuration > Customer Configuration > Address Templates > PDF. It is possible to hide the telephone number using Magento event/observer method. Take a look at this post for a similar workaround: Alternatively, we can custom program this for you but would charge this work hourly ($150 New Zealand Dollars). We can finish it in about 30 minutes. Please contact our support team at Cheers,
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2015-02-07


Can all fields on the packing slip be translated/altered/changed?
Asked by: trondthomas
Absolutely! It is possible to configure several different layout variations from the backend using the 2 layout options and other custom options (logo placement, margins, integrated labels etc). From Pdf Customiser version 2.0 onwards, further layout customisations can also be achieved by theming the *.phtml files that come with Pdf Customiser. Please note that this is not done via the backend - basic html/Magento theming knowledge is required. Our extension uses existing terms Magento terms where possible and in most cases these will already get translated. If you want to adjust/change the translation we suggest you place your own translations into your theme's translate.csv file. Cheers,
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-10-22

Doesn't work with Magento 1.9.2?

Hello we have bought your PDF Customizer. After installation our Magento Shop doesn't send invoice and shipping emails to our customers. Only order confirmation emails is working.
Asked by: pajama75
It sounds like you have a conflicting extension installed that is involved in the invoices and shipment emailing process. I suggest getting in touch with our support via if you haven't done so already.
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2016-07-02

Can we set "FOOMAN Customiser" for automatic invoicing based on order status?

Asked by: proteksol
Hi there, Thanks for your interest in Pdf Customiser! Our extension only deals with the customisation of the pdfs - automatic invoicing based on order status is not a feature this extension offers. Cheers,
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-12-28

Integrated Label Sizes

Please could someone advise if you cater for the following integrated labels: S13 Found at: S6 Found at: We need the customer's name and address to be printed on the above integrated labels and then the rest of the page to be used as an invoice. Many thanks.
Asked by: cakeaccessories
Hi there, Our Pdf Customiser extension offers support for integrated labels. The backend settings offer two different layout options, as well as custom options (logo placement, margins, integrated labels and more) which allow you change the look and layout elements of the pdf. From Pdf Customiser version 2.0 onwards, further layout customisations can also be achieved by theming the *.phtml files that come with Pdf Customiser. Please note that this is not done via the backend - basic html/Magento theming knowledge is required. Cheers,
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2014-12-06

Extension Conflict?

Hello, will this extension conflict with MOOGENTO?
Asked by: SpiderJeff
Hi SpiderJeff. We are not aware of the internals of the MOOGENTO extension (not quite sure which one you had in mind) so we can't give you a definitive answer. We offer a 7-day-money-back guarantee so you can test it out on your system if any unsolvable conflicts arise.
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-10-22

Do I need a separate license for installing the extension on a test server?

Asked by: Fooman
No. You can install the extension on any test/development/staging server associated with the live site you purchased the license for.
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2016-11-19

Installation on test enviroment

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to install your extension, but I would like to initially test it on a test environment in my domain area and then install the extension in the live system. Here is how to proceed when the extension is installed via Magento Connect. What should be considered when an installation in a few days then on the live system?
Asked by: XChristianX
Hi Christian You can install Fooman Pdf Customiser on any test site associated with the main domain the extension is licensed for. We also offer a demo store (access through our website) for you to trial the settings. Cheers Fooman Support
Answered by: Fooman
Date published: 2013-10-22

PDF Customizer for magento 2.0 community edition

Dear Sir, We are using pdf customizer to magento community version but now we are updating magento CE to version 2.0 PDF customizer extention will support to magento community edition 2.0 version Please let us know. Thank you.
Asked by: sureshsarode
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by Fooman

Pdf Customiser is rated 3.3 out of 5 by 84.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent Product I was impressed by the response that I got with Tech support. Good working product.
Date published: 2017-02-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great extension and customer support! We run this extension on both of our magento webstores and it works flawlessly. The developer assisted us greatly in the beginning with customized printouts since we wanted to print our packing lists on 4x6 instead of wasting full sheets of paper with every order. Kristof and his team replied to our questions fast and efficiently even after more than 2 years using his extensions. We also utilize his order manager extension and it makes our order processing a breeze. We highly recommend Fooman extensions because they simply work and their customer service is excellent.
Date published: 2016-12-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Extension and Amazing Support Hands down this has been the best developer I have every worked with. The extension worked without any issues immediately after installation. I wanted to customize it and the developer quickly responded and helped me out. Even though he didn't have to he did. Great experience!
Date published: 2016-12-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The best customer service ever The extension works great out of the box, I had a few conflicts with other extensions and some additional customization I required. Fooman provided hand down the best customer service I have seen from an extension developer. I'm very grateful.
Date published: 2016-09-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Good product and great support With a few tweaks Fooman PDF Customiser solve our needs. Fooman have provided great support for code specific questions where we wanted to make changes to the design. I strongly recommend this developer
Date published: 2016-08-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great extension & support (M1 & M2) We've used this extension (for Magento 1) for 2 years and were very happy with it. When switching to Magento 2 we bought it again (, and were extremely satisfied with the outstanding support - Fooman built in a function we'd been using in M1, but missing in M2, within weeks of our inquiry. The extension works great on Magento 2 as well now, and comes highly recommended.
Date published: 2016-07-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent piece of software Flexibel and good look and feel. We need software to attach order as PDF.
Date published: 2016-07-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from One of the most usefull extensions. This is one of the most usefull extensions we have in our Magento store. Installed it over 2 years ago we can say that it is very stable, no bugs and the support is great if you need to modify something.
Date published: 2016-06-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from PDF Customiser Great product, it has made my Invoices and Packing slips look really professional, and really helpful staff too. Will recommend this to everyone. Thank you Fooman
Date published: 2016-04-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very usefull and great support With a webshop you don't have normal human contact with your customers. That's why it is important that the communication you have is outstanding. And with this extension you can make it more personal and in the way you want. Giving your customers all the information they need in a style you want. Of course I had questions, and I needed an extra form. All of this was picked quickly and with dedication. I think this extension is a must for every serious shopowner!
Date published: 2016-03-08
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