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Import all of your old product URLs in one simple CSV and avoid all those horrible 404 errors!
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Mass Redirect

Changing to Magento from another platform? Import all of your old product URLs in one simple CSV and avoid all those horrible 404 errors!

The Mass Redirect extension for Magento takes the pain out of managing your old product URLs.

Why Should I Buy This?

If you have an existing shop, and your Magento store is intended to replace it, it's important to make sure you properly redirect all of your old product URLs. Otherwise, all of that hard work you put into marketing your old site, and all those lovely valuable inbound links you've built up, overnight become absolutely worthless.

This extension provides a simple to manage solution to the problem. You simply upload a CSV (one for each of your stores if you like) of all of your old URLs, and the SKU or new URL you want the user to be sent to instead. Whenever a user follows a link that Magento doesn't recognize, the extension checks to see if the URL matches an old URL - if so, it redirects the user invisibly.

Why Not Use .htaccess?

Managing your old URLs, and redirecting them in Magento, is not particularly straightforward. Some people use an htaccess file to redirect all of their URLs. This works, but there is a downside, unfortunately.

An htaccess file is a set of rules a server runs through for each page request. Adding all of your old URLs to this file means that for every page visit your server has to do a lot more work - it has to compare the URL the user is visiting to all of the old URLs you have added to the file. Magento isn't renowned for its blistering speed, so slowing down every request seems like something worth avoiding.

How Do I Use It?

To install the extension:

  • Download the zip, and extract the contents
  • Upload the contents of the httpdocs folder to your website root folder
  • Clear Magento caches
  • Log out and log back in again
  • Create config CSV (see notes below; there is also an example config file in the zip, in httpdocs/media/massredirect/example.csv)
  • Enable the module and upload redirect config file at System > Configuration > Added Bytes > Mass Redirect

Redirect File Notes

The redirect config file is reasonably simple, but please bear in mind the following:

  • Imports are run for one website at a time. To import a redirect file, you must first select the website you are working with from the "Current Configuration Scope" dropdown at the top left of the configuration screen.
  • When you import a new file, all entries previously imported for that website will be removed and replaced with the new file.
  • Every row in the file must have either a SKU or a new URL.
  • The first row of the file is ignored (includes the row titles in the example file).
  • For old URLs you can include (or not) trailing slashes, file extensions do not need to be included (.html, .htm, .php, .asp and .aspx are recognized).
  • If you specify a SKU rather than a new URL, then if your product URL changes later, the redirects will update to match the new URL automatically.
  • For new URLs, you can use a full URL or a partial URL (box C4 above will redirect the user to

How Do I Get Support?

For technical or sales enquiries, please email our support team.

M1 Extension Versions

Initial Public Release

2013-12-21 12:35:41
  • Version number: 0.1.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1
This release includes the base functionality. It allows you to upload a CSV of old URLs, and the SKUs or new URLs to redirect those old URLs to. It identifies when a user has visited a page not found by Magento and redirects them only at that point.
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by Added Bytes

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