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Stimulate sales by showing informative AJAX notifications to your store visitors.
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Customer Activity Log by Amasty

Amasty Info

Please find full description, live demo and user guide at Magento Customer Activity Log module page

Obvious advantages of using the extension.

Stimulate customers to buy products asap
People are collective beings, so if they see actions of similar species they instinctively want to repeat them. Show these actions with Customer Activity Log module :) Also if customers see that a definite product is being bought several times, they become afraid that the product is running out of stock soon and will buy it immediately.

Sell the products you need to sell

With 'Random Actions' feature you'll be able to unload the stock of unpopular products or sell the products you want. You can specify IDs of products, which will be shown in the notifications together with the products that people actually buy and add to wishlists. What’s more, you can specify percentage of the random products in the notifications flow.

Use entire wishlist functionality
Stimulate customers to add products to wishlist. Wishlist gives you amazing opportunities to use data about customer preferences. Using this info you can plan your inventory or create remarketing lists for contextual advertising.

Configure the extension to your taste.

Choose whether to show the alerts or not
The notifications will be displayed 1 at a time, so the customers won't be annoyed by pop-up windows.

Set notification display timeout
Choose time in seconds during which a notification is displayed. There's no limit for this time period.

Decide when to show notifications to customers
There are 2 ways to set the display of notifications:
  • Specify the time period which customers should spend on the page before the notifications are displayed.
  • Indicate the percentage of scrolled page when the notifications get displayed. E.g. show the notifications once a customer scrolls down 50% of the page he or she is viewing.
  • Show max 2 notifications on one page
    If you want to show 2 notifications at once, you should specify "Notification Display Timeout" 1-2 seconds, and "Display Notification If Page Scrolled to %" fewer than 40%. In this case 2 random, but different notifications will be shown.

    Choose the notification placement
    You can show the notifications in the following positions:
  • Bottom right
  • Top right
  • Bottom left
  • Top left
  • Bottom center
  • Top center
  • There are 4 types of notifications:
    1. Two types displayed on product page:
  • Product last purchased time
  • For example, ‘This product was last purchased N time ago’.
  • Quantity purchased for a period
  • For this notification you can specify the period in hours in which the statistics of purchased products will be counted and shown. For example, ‘This product was purchased N times for the last N hours’.
    2. Two types displayed on category page:
  • Last viewed in Category
  • For instance, ‘Product X in this category was just viewed by another customer’.
  • Last purchased in category
  • The standard message is "Last product sold from this category - product X".

    Specify your own text message for each notification
    In examples above you can see standard messages for notifications. Of course, you can change them according to your preferences.

    Select which notification to Display

    You can choose which type of notification to enable. For example, you can disable 'Last viewed in Category' and 'Product last purchased time' messages, so customers will see only 2 other types of notifications - 'Last purchased in category' and 'Quantity purchased for a period'.

    Add the products you want to the notification flow

    You can specify IDs of products to be randomly added to the notification flow together with the actions on products, which are really done by customers. Also you have an ability to specify the percent of random actions. This may be very helpful if you want to stimulate sales of a particular product or clear your stock. For example, you can set 'Percentage of Random Products' equal to 50%. This means that in 50% of cases customers will see actions with random products, generated by the extension. And in other 50% of cases - the true ones, done by customers.

    Wishlist activity notifications
    You have an ability to show customers notifications about wishlist activities. The notifications will be displayed on all pages except the cart page. For example, you can display messages of the kind "Product X was just added to the wishlist by someone else".

    You can use in the notifications such variables as:
  • {PRODUCT} - product name;
  • {COUNT} {TIME} – the number of times a product was sold;
  • {TIME} – the period of time during which it was sold;
  • {PERIOD} - period in hours;
  • Show Activity Log sidebar to keep customers up to date.

    Set the number of notifications in the activity log window.
    The Activity Log will be shown on all pages except the cart page. You can specify the number of actions to display in the Activity Log, there's no limit for them.

    Grouped actions in Activity log
    If 2 or more identical actions are performed in the store, Activity Log won't show 2 identical notifications, it will show just one. E.g. if 4 reviews get written in a row, the module will show one notification ‘Review was written 4 times’ instead of 4 identical notifications one by one. This way the activity log will be more diversified and interesting to read for customers.

    Choose message types to display in the Activity Log window
  • New customer, e.g. New customer registered in the store.
  • Adding a product to cart, for example, Product X added to cart.
  • New review, for instance, New review has just been submitted for product X.
  • Sold product, e.g. Product X was purchased.
  • Customer Activity Log user guide Customer Activity Log user guide

    Live Demo:

  • Backend
  • Home page
  • Category page
  • Extension home page: Customer Activity Log

    Amasty Store

    Extension Updates Log:

    Version 1.0.2 - Oct 30, 2013
    – Performance optimization

    Version 1.0.1 - August 12, 2013
    – Bugfix.

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    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by Amasty

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