Retain Customers with Emma Integration by Windsor Circle

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Connect your Emma Email Account to Magento. Instantly Access Customer, Product, & Purchase Data.
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Retain Customers with Emma Integration by Windsor Circle

This integration automates retention programs and brings customers back to buy more

Windsor Circle provides retailers using Emma & Magento the power to retain more customers with data-driven email marketing campaigns, Including:

  • New customer welcome emails
  • Post-purchase thank you & product education series
  • Dynamic product recommendations
  • Predictive up-sell, cross-sell, and hot-combo emails
  • Best customer rewards and threshold-based offers
  • Replenishment campaigns for products that need to be refilled
  • Win-back campaigns to churning customers
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery emails w/ Anti-Gaming technology (addtl. fee)
  • Annual Subscriptions for our Magento / Emma extension starts at $4,200/year

    Your Subscription includes:

  • 5 day or less installation guarantee
  • One month launch phase, which includes set-up of 10 automated retention campaigns
  • Ongoing strategic coaching, training, technical support, and additional campaign set-up
  • Access to a wide retention marketing knowledge bank
  • Interested in learning more? Check out a demo of our integration: Email us at: | Call 877.848.4113

    Exclusive Features

    Segment Builder

    3 years of historical data
    Plus all Magento customer, product and purchase history data moving forward, plus Magento Custom Fields. This data is analyzed and loaded into Emma custom fields or relational tables.

    Retention Analytics Suite
    Instantly visualize all of your eCommerce data in a powerful dashboard. Understand key metrics like AOV, CLV, Latency, Customer Scores and more by date range, segments, store, and more.

    70+ Actionable Data Fields
    Available in Emma to power dynamic personalization, lifecycle marketing, and segmentation.

    RAMP Starter Email Package
    Our team of professional designers will leverage your branding standards to build 10 retention email templates, ready for launch in 30 days.

    Retention Revenue in 30 Days
    Your new RAMP 10 emails, plus additional custom segmentation, will bring you new revenue from your existing customers in 30 days – guaranteed.

    Onboarding & Training
    Onboarding & ongoing training and support from a dedicated Client Success Manager.

    Installation Guarantee
    We stand by our 5 Day Promise - our Technical Onboarding Specialists will complete installation and guarantee your Magento customer data is live in your Emma account within 5 days or less, or you get 30 days free on your subscription.

    Software Includes
    Data cleansing, de-duplication, and augmentation with predictive data and customer scores, to enable dynamic marketing personalization & lifecycle automation.

    Interested in learning more? Check out a demo of our integration: Email us at: | Call 877.848.4113

    Extension Details

    Guaranteed, Enterprise-Grade Data Integration

    Our extension automatically imports 3+ years of customer, product, and purchase history data from Magento into Emma, plus all going-forward data. This integration instantly provides direct access to actionable data directly into Emma.

    Our Magento & Emma integration automatically identifies, and updates key customer segments, including:

  • Best Customers
  • Big Spenders
  • Churning Customers
  • One time buyers
  • Last year’s Holiday shoppers
  • Predictive Retention Analytics

    Windsor Circle’s retention analytics suite visualizes all your customer, product, and purchase history data through over 70 charts and graphs. You can slice and dice your data by date range, customer segment, Magento store and more. Our predictive algorithms ID new customer segments, retention opportunities, products to cross-sell, optimal email cadence, and automatically determine product re-order dates, win-back dates, and more.

    Multi-Variable, Automatic Customer Segmentation

    Windsor Circle’s extension then automatically imports and updates your Magento customer, product, and purchase data into custom fields in Emma. You’ll be able to set up highly targeted segments based on purchase history, behavior, score, and category and product preferences. Windsor Circle automatically builds and loads unique segments like your last year’s Holiday shoppers, your new 1x buyers, your Valentines Day shoppers, and more into your Emma account.

    Relational Table Friendly

    Our Magento Extension has the ability to push full tables into Emma, including a customer table (profile attributes or subscriber information), an orders table (when orders happened, total basket size, coupon, etc.), and an order details table (specific products, quantity, etc.)

    With relational tables, marketers can be very specific around when products were bought, and increase the complexity of their retention program.

    Custom Fields as Defined in Magento

    In addition to customer, product, and purchase history data, Windsor Circle can sync custom fields that you have defined in Magento for each store with your marketing platform. For example, you can sync fields like:

  • Brick and mortar store location of purchase
  • Margin of product
  • Name of sales representative associated with Order
  • Birth day of customer.
  • Data-Driven Marketing & Retention Automation

    Now that we’ve analyzed your data and strategized with your team, it’s time to retain more customers! Using our software, you’ll be able to implement a wide range of automated, segmented, or personalized marketing campaigns, including:

  • New customer welcome emails
  • Post-purchase thank-you emails
  • Product education series
  • Dynamic product recommendations
  • Predictive up-sell, cross-sell, and hot-combo emails
  • Best customer rewards and threshold based offers
  • Replenishment campaigns for products that need refills
  • Win-back campaigns to churning customers
  • Product Recommendations

    Our Magento to Emma integration creates product recommendations unique for each customer. Our software will set up fields in Emma containing individual product details, including product SKU, name, description, image, html link, pricing, thereby enabling you to send highly targeted, unique, and dynamic recommendations to customers based on multiple factors – automatically!

    Product Replenishment, Re-Order, and Re-Fill Campaigns

    Windsor Circle powers automated and predictive replenishment campaigns for products that a customer uses up and will likely need to re-order or re-fill. Our software automatically estimates the buying cycle of a particular consumable product, based on aggregate and individual purchase behavior, and then sends customers personalized reminder emails about replenishing the product.

    Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery Software

    Automated recovery campaigns, powered by Windsor Circle, provide each recipient with rich product information on the exact items that were left in their abandoned cart and our solutions allows for one click ordering by providing a direct link to your checkout page.

    Our Magento Cart Recovery solution is available as a stand-alone product, or an upgrade to this extension.

    Get Started

    Simple Integration

    It's easy to get Windsor Circle's Magento to Emma plugin installed and running.

    1. First, purchase and download the software package with installation instructions from our website.
    2. Next, upload the software to your Magento account. Contact our team for help.
    3. Third, set up an account and subscription service with our team, and we’ll fully activate the extension within 5 business days.

    At that point, we start pulling customer purchase records from Magento, analyzing them, and uploading the customer information directly to Emma.

    About Us

    Windsor Circle's Retention Marketing Platform helps online retailers keep and monetize their existing customers through data-driven, personalized and automated lifecycle marketing programs, connecting e-commerce platforms, email marketing software, and other data sources; analyzing customer purchase history and behavior; and automating customer loyalty, cart recovery, product recommendation, and other segmented email campaigns.

    Interested in learning more? Check out a demo of our integration: Email us at: | Call 877.848.4113

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    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by WindsorCircle

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