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Google Maps Magento Extension offers, search by product or address, custom map markers, images...
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Google Maps-Store Locator

Allow your customers to find physical stores nearest to them with driving directions through Google Maps Store Locator. This extension also allows you to customize store search options and add markers, popup images and coordinates on the map.

  • - Display unlimited store locations on Google Maps
  • - Search store by Product. ZipCode or Address
  • - Auto detects customer locations and shows nearest store locations
  • - Fully responsive and multi store supported

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Google maps extension increases the ability of the customer to find the brick and mortar stores with specific products, address and coordinates. It identifies your location and gives your customers a comprehensive guide to your stores with full directions on Google Maps. You can also add multiple products to physical stores, upload custom marker image, display store information in pop up and allows the customer to search store by products, address, country or zip code.

Magento Google Maps Extension

Powerful Features – Google Maps Extension

Get Directions to Stores Locations

The location of the customer from where the store is located is easily detected with Google API and the shortest route is provided to the customer on Magento Google Maps. Customers can get directions and navigation options for the store as well.

Magento Google Map Location

By entering the address details of your stores from the back end, you can show the exact location on Google maps. You can provide the store address and the coordinates of the location in standard latitude and longitude and even enable a Popup view that briefly show Name, Address, Contact Details and short Description.

Search by Product /Address

You can enable search options to add flexibility for your customers by adding search by store name, store address, country of origin, state of the country and the zip code of the state. Customers will be able to find stores by using any of these options.

Custom Marker Image

To separate your multiple stores from each other on the map, you can also add custom markers and attach them to your store. You can upload a marker image in ICO, PNG, GIF, JPEG, APNG and SVG formats from the back end and attach it to the specific store you prefer.

Store Locator Page

The admin can attach multiple products to any store. When customers search for a specific product, Google maps extension identifies that product from the store and shows it in the search results.

Add Products to Stores

The store locator page can be customized by adding a custom page heading and sub heading, a standard latitude and longitude and adding a Google API key for finding the location of the customer on the spot.

Merchant Benefits

By adding physical addresses merchants can enhance their business revenues by opening channels from online and physical stores.

Google Maps store locator extension allows you to add unlimited amount of stores so that you may expand your reach as much as you want.

Magento Google Map extension handles the load of employees hired for providing directions and navigational assistance to customers, hence saving time and money of the merchant.

Customer Benefits

It saves the hassle of the customers by providing them with precise directions to their nearest store location without calling or sending emails to the merchant for location direction.

It gives the customers flexible search options to look for stores by entering products, address of the store, country and zip code.

Customers can view description, contact info, brand image, and other small details on the pop up view on the map. They can also distinguish the store from different marker images.

Online Demo

For an instant view of the product features, click on Google Maps Store Locator Extension for Magento Demo.

You can also checkout our Advance Magento Store Locator Extension


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M1 Extension Versions

New Extension

2012-05-17 06:36:09
  • Version number: 1.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7


Google Maps-Store Locator Magento extension is an extraordinarily useful Magento extension when it comes to advertisement of your online business and let your customers find out nearest stores based on their automatically detected location by using Google Maps. Your customers can search for stores either by products in database or by automatic detection of their location.

On the frontend your customers will find a very user friendly and pleasing presentation of all stores in a vertical scroller and Google maps side by side. On top of these they have options to search a store by products, by address and there is a separate drop down listing all stores. Vertical scroller on the left lists stores with store name, location, address and calculated distance from user’s location. You can configure map from the backend to shown up in default location in case no store has been defined. Store locations are displayed on map by configurable markers, which on click will display a configurable popup having details about the store and distance to it from customer’s location so that they can better make a decision about visiting it. They can also get the directions to nearest stores from their current location.


Manage Stores:

Shows the Store ID, Store Name, Country, District/City, Postal/Zip code,Address, Status and a link to edit the Testimonials
Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the action

Export to CSV:

You can Export stores information to a CSV or XML file
Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add/Edit Stores:

Enter text for desired store name
Select Country from the drop down in which the store is located
Enter text for District/City (Should be accurate)
Enter Postal/Zip code (Should be accurate)
Enter correct address for the store (Address should be accurate)
Enter exact latitude coordinates of the store
Enter exact longitude coordinates of the store
Enable or disable newly added store from the drop down
Enter desired phone number which customers will use to contact the store
Enter desired fax number which customers will use for fax inquires
Upload an image that will represent this store. This image will be displayed in a popup on Google Maps
Enter short description about the store which will be visible in a popup on Google Maps
Select products which are hosted by this store. You can select multiple product types
Select a website store view in which this newly defined store will be visible


General Settings:

Enter text for page title
Enter keyword to create user friendly URL like
Enter Meta keywords for SEO
Enter Meta description for SEO
Enter desired text for G-Map Store locater main page’s heading
Enter desired text for G-Map Store locater main page’s subheading
Enter default latitude coordinates for Google map. Map will load by default on these coordinates if no store has been defined.
Enter default longitude coordinates for Google map. Map will load by default on these coordinates no store has been defined.

G-Map Settings

Input desired text for “Get Directions Button” in a popup on Google Maps
Upload your desired image for map marker
Upload your desired image for pop-up’s top background
Upload your desired image for pop-up’s bottom background
Enter numeric digits for map’s zoom increment/decrement intervals

Manage Search:

Select yes from the drop down if you want to allow your customers to search stores by products
Select yes from the drop down if you want to allow your customers to search stores by address
Enable/disable a drop down list of all stores, which on selecting any store will display it on map

Manage Links

Enable/disable header link from the drop down
Enter desired text for the header link
Enable/disable footer link from the drop down
Enter desired text for the footer link

Layout Settings

Select the type of layout for G-Map Store locater main page e.g. 1 column, 2 column etc

Search Engine Optimizations

Enter URL suffix e.g. “.html”
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by FMEExtensions

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