Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional

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This extension adds a vertical categories navigation into sidebar columns, with a powerful configuration.
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0

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Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional

Some stores need to have a vertical navigation menu, based on their product categories. This extension will adds a new useful, professional and nice vertical navigation menu from all active categories to your store sidebar columns.

Sidebar Navigation Menu has custom, unique and luxury designs for each one of "default", "blue", "blank", "modern" templates and for popular "templates-master f002 classic theme". Extension style will changes automatically between above designs when you use one of them in your website.
Also the extension is completely intelligent and gets your custom them design automatically without any extra style copy or customization, however it has a custom CSS file with a lots of CSS selectors which lets you customize extension style as you like based on your website design.
This extension has some interesting and powerful functionalities like ability to showing thumbnail icons for categories or having a collapsible navigation menu. One of powerful things about the extension is its flexible configuration settings with more than 30 options to having full control on your website navigation.

Key Features:

  • Full Free Extension
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Intelligent Design to Fit with Any Custom Theme
  • Compatible with Both Anchor and Non-anchor Categories
  • Compatible with Both Flat and Non-flat Catalog Category
  • Showing Category Thumbnail
  • Collapsible Menus
  • Defining Parent Category
  • Flexible Block Title
  • Showing Products Count
  • Column and Block Position Selection
  • Categories Maximal Depth
  • Control Top Navigation Menu Visibility
  • Control Browse by Category in Layered Navigation
  • Custom Thumbnail Size
  • Control to How Act in Non-category Pages
  • Control to How Act for Product Page in Direct Access to Product
  • Multilingual (Translatable)
  • Separate Configuration for Each Store View
  • Separate Configuration for Homepage and Customer Account page
  • Dedicated CSS File
  • Full Variety of Classes and CSS Selectors
  • Dedicated Layout File

Installation Guide:

The extension installation is easy and takes less than a minute to install.
Just get the extension key from top of this page by clicking on "Install Now" button and use it in your store Magento Connect Manager. That's all!

Note: Before using the extension in production, first check it in a test environment.
Note: Don't forget, always make a backup from your store, before any new extension installation.
Note: If you enabled your store compiler, you must disable it before installation then re-compile and enable it again.

Configuration Guide:

To access into extension configuration settings you can navigate to:
CODNITIVE > Catalog > Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional
System > Configuration > CODNITIVE > Catalog > Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional


V 1.8.14
- Default theme missing CSS file added
- Minimum PHP version changed to 5.2.0

V 1.8.12
- Wrong maximal depth in search result page fixed

V 1.8.11
- "Undefined variable: onclick..." fixed
- "Warning: explode()..." fixed
- Some minor bugs fixed

V 1.8.03
- Some settings default values change for better result
- Some minor bugs and conflicts fixed

V 1.8.00
New features:
- Magento 1.7 full compatibility.
- Intelligent design mode
- Compatibility with both anchor and non-anchor categories
- Compatibility with both flat and non-flat catalog category
- Custom settings for home page
- Custom settings for customer account page
- Flexible block title
- More control to showing sidebar navigation in non-category pages
- More control for product page in direct access to product
- Control on sidebar navigation block position
- Control on collapsible mode icon and position
- Control on categories thumbnail position
- Ability to easy showing navigation menu in homepage content
Fixed bugs:
- "Remove Layered Navigation Categories" option didn't work with non-anchor categories
- "Parent Category" option didn't work when top navigation was enabled
- Extension didn't work correctly with flat catalog category
- Collapsible mode didn't work on custom themes till copy JS file into new theme
- CamelCase files names bug fixed
- and some other minor bugs
- Collapsible mode CSS file merged into main CSS file to avoid extra http requests
- Collapsible mode JavaScript codes merged into template files to fix bug and avoid extra http request
- New and improved configuration section
- Custom admin menu
- Re-coding and clean up codes

V 1.7.21
Fixed bugs:
- Loading category image instead thumbnail image

V 1.7.20
- Files and coding cleanup
- Coding improved

New features:
- Show/Hidden zero product count

Fixed bugs:
- Extra margin left when collapsible and thumbnails are enable


1. After installation, I see "error 404 page not found" in configuration section of the extension?
Just logout from your admin panel and login to it again, after refreshing Magento cache.

2. I enabled extension from admin panel, but I don't see vertical navigation menu sidebar in my store frontend?
Your Magento "Blocks HTML output" cache is enabled and you must refresh it.

3. How can I add sidebar navigation to CMS pages content?
You must add {{block type="sidenav/navigation" template="codnitive/sidenav/navigation.phtml"}} code to your CMS pages content.

4. How can I use thumbnail image functionality?
Please go to configuration settings of the extension and change "Thumbnail Enabled" option to yes. Now all you must do is adding thumbnail for your categories in "Manage Categories" section, under Catalog menu tab.

5. Sidebar navigation shows under layered navigation, how to move it on top of layered navigation?
Please go to configuration settings of the extension and change "Before" option.

6. How can define a maximal depth for showing categories (for instance just 2 level of categories)?
Please go to configuration settings of the extension and enter categories level which you want be visible in sidebar navigation as a number, in "Maximal Depth" option.

7. Is it possible to hide top navigation if I use sidebar navigation?
Yes, it's possible. Just change "Remove Top Navigation Menu" option to "Yes" in configuration settings of the extension.

8. How can I have a dynamic collapsible menus in this sidebar menu navigation?
Please go to configuration settings of the extension and change "Collapsible" option to "Yes".

9. How can define parent category to show just some menus?
Please go to configuration settings of the extension and define parent category in "Parent Category" option.

10. I want remove "BROWSE BY CATEGORY" from layered navigation, can I do that with this extension?
Yes, you can. Please go to configuration settings of the extension and change "Remove Layered Navigation Categories" option to "Yes".

M1 Extension Versions

Magento Compatibility

2014-01-17 21:09:04
  • Version number: 1.8.14
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0

Default theme missing CSS file added.
Minimum PHP version changed to 5.2.0

Bug Fix

2013-09-22 08:04:35
  • Version number: 1.8.12
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0

Wrong maximal depth in search result page fixed

Bug Fix

2013-08-14 13:42:53
  • Version number: 1.8.11
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0

Reported bugs fixed.

Minor Bug Fix

2013-07-15 19:07:03
  • Version number: 1.8.03
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0

Some minor bugs fixed and settings default values improved.

Magento 1.7 compatibility

2013-07-03 10:54:24
  • Version number: 1.8.00
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0

Official Magento 1.7 compatibility added.
Works with both anchor and non-anchor categories.
Works with both flat and non-flat categories.
Many bugs fixed.
Powerful and flexible configuration settings.
Clean and improved coding.
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2nd level of categories as base for these menu??

Hello, I need to set 2nd level of my categories as base for these left layered menu, but keep current shop structure?? ==================== TOP MENU ==================== -SHOP --1st level --cat 1 --2nd level --cat 2 --cat 3 -ABOUT US -etc. ==================== LEFT MENU ==================== -cat 1 - start from second level --cat 1.1 --cat 1.2 --cat 1.3 -cat 2 + -cat 3 + P.S very good extenstion, thanks
Asked by: tabac
No problem, just set "If no Category, so Load", option into "Store Base" on the extension settings.
Answered by: CODNITIVE
Date published: 2014-03-15

How to remove the "Sidebar Navigation" from CMS page?

Hello! First of all, Thank you for your time to help me. I've installed this module on my website(http://www.dailyly.com/faq/). However, I have a trouble to remove it from my CMS page. I only wanted it appear on the Category/Sub-category page. But, it also appear on the CMS page, can u reply me how to remove it from the CMS page and set it on the product's page as well? Thank you! Tony
Asked by: faweiz
Hello, You can create a "local.xml" file, or make a copy from "codnitive/sidenav.xml" into your custom template layout directory and modify it to add needed layout updates. If you have any problem, you can contact to our support to help you.
Answered by: CODNITIVE
Date published: 2013-10-22

Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional not showing on my homepage?

I am new to Magento and busy setting up my first store so hopefully I am doing something small wrong. I have tried just about anything I can find on the web to get my Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional working and desperately need some help. I have installed Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional on a custom theme located at http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/computer-store-template-3095.html My Magento version: No matter what I try I cannot get Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional to display a menu bar on my homepage or any page. Some of the things that I have tried: 1. Ensured that my backend Catalog settings are Enabled etc 2. Disabled and Enabled Block HTML output in Cache Management at all stages before install, after install etc 3. Copied the following files to my custom theme: [magento_root]/skin/frontend/default/default/css/sidenavcollapse.css (could not find in any folder!) [magento_root]/skin/frontend/default/default/css/sidenav.css (copied) [magento_root]/skin/frontend/default/default/js/sidenavcollapse.js (could not find in any folder!) 4. Disabled and Enabled compiler before and after installation tried every possible combination. 5. As another measure I loaded the default themes and no menu bars there either, off course I have refreshed the cache and re-index Magento on each step. Please help!
Asked by: rhynhardtl
I am using Magento 1.9 and I had the same issue, what i did is go to: CMS->Pages then edit Home Page and in Page Information->Design change the Layout to three colums That's it Hope it helps
Answered by: saviaga
Date published: 2015-06-20

Top Menu on Home Page disappears (v2)

Hi, The answer in the original post "Top Menu on Home Page disappears" was unfortunately of no help whatsoever. The answer was: - Remove Top Navigation Menu (in Base Settings section) - Hide Top Navigation (in Home Page Settings section) - Don't forget to refresh Magento cache. I had done all of these this and it made no difference at all. I had to uninstall the product because • I had no longer a menu on my Home/Landing page. Then I discovered a second issue: • After uninstalling it, I now have a my top menu bar in my shopping cart and checkout pages, which I really don’t want at all. I can only assume that some core or theme(Zeta) templates have been changed after selecting preferences when it was configured and that they remained after uninstalling. The extension is currently no longer installed because of the home page issue (- users cannot navigate if there WAS no Home Page menu) I am loath to reinstall and try to reconfigure it myself, as it may now cause further problems … Could you please advise what the best course of action would be here. I am quite willing to pay you to configure this extension properly, so long as the price is reasonable. At least I would request to know how to get the top menu out of my shopping cart and checkout. At the moment there is a widget being used in the sidebar as a menu, but it doesn’t have the sophistication of your product and I was really keen to use yours. Awaiting your reply Thanks Peter
Asked by: walrus33
Hi Peter, just wondering if your issue has been resolved since I am in the exact same situation. After removing the extension I have topmenu all over the place. Thank you Jerry
Answered by: gegman
Date published: 2016-05-07

I've set 'Remove Layered Navigation Category' to Yes but the browse by menu is still showing

How can I remove it?
Asked by: jwaudio1
app\design\frontend\yourtheme\default\template\catalog\navigation\left.phtml empty file
Answered by: Mickymike
Date published: 2015-06-27

Config 404 error

Respective config tab shows 404 error...
Asked by: safwanbe
My friend, try use magento-cleanup.php copy for your folder website and your write: yourdomain.com/magento-clean-up.php Wait for setting permissions. Try see not have error 404
Answered by: magazinedoporto
Date published: 2014-12-17

Compatible with 1.9

Is this compatible with Magento 1.9?
Asked by: MrBatt
nope... Just verified... Categories that have dozens of items only 1 shows...
Answered by: duntuk
Date published: 2015-12-29

Customizing the sidebar - possible?

Hello! I would like to know if it is possible to customize the appearance of the sidebar. I just want to reduce the height of each categorie (to make the sidebar more compact) and eventually to change the colors. Thank you!
Asked by: miguelcpc
Hello, To customize the appearance of this extension, you should copy below files into same directories of your custom theme: [magento_root]/skin/frontend/default/default/css/sidenav.css [magento_root]/skin/frontend/default/default/css/sidenavcollapse.css "sidenavcollapse.css" will use when collapsible mode is enabled. Regards,
Answered by: CODNITIVE
Date published: 2014-12-22

How to remove sidenav on customer dashboard page?

I can't seem to remove the sidenav from the customer dashboard page. please help
Asked by: ericalin73
It's easy, just set "Show in Customer Account" option to "No" in "Customer Account Settings" section inside the extension configuration settings.
Answered by: CODNITIVE
Date published: 2013-10-22

How can I make it work in Firefox?

Hello, I use Magento 1.8.0. The sidebar menu displays correctly in I.E. 10 and Opera 12.10 but not in Firefox 25.0. It displays it floated on the right of the left sidebar. I'm using a custom theme. Please take a look at tribale.ro to see it by yourself. Thank you!
Asked by: Ethica Press
Hello, I checked your website and sidebar menu shows correctly on Firefox 25.0, too. I couldn't see any right floating. But anyway for customize or optimize navigation skin, you can make a copy from [mage_root]/skin/frontend/base/default/css/codnitive/sidenav.css into similar directory of your custom theme, and modify it. Regards,
Answered by: CODNITIVE
Date published: 2014-01-18
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by CODNITIVE

Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional is rated NaN out of 5 by 149.
Rated out of 5 by from I can't get it to show up on any of my pages. Is there something I should be doing? Can somebody help me out.
Date published: 2013-01-08
Rated out of 5 by from Tried a number of different methods to get the extension to show in the left sidebar of the configuration page to no avail.
Date published: 2012-12-12
Rated out of 5 by from This does not work... The JS file for the collapsible menus is missing and im getting a 404, i looked all over for in my installation files and it is not there.
Date published: 2012-11-29
Rated out of 5 by from Hi thanks for this great extension. I am using and it works perfect. I need to do some modification! I want the menu ways to show the same category regardless in what category I am in. I want to create a static menu. Is that possible? Best regards Matthias
Date published: 2012-11-06
Rated out of 5 by from Hi, Nice Extension. I have installed this extension and its working fine. I want to display categories in alphabetical order but the any code is not working in Navigation.php not even any php sort. Kindly help with this. Thanks
Date published: 2012-10-23
Rated out of 5 by from Good Support!
Date published: 2012-10-18
Rated out of 5 by from You guys are life savers. This is perfect!
Date published: 2012-10-12
Rated out of 5 by from Magento Installed: and ok After some days i go to customize it and the configuration tab is not responding. Unistalled: i see the bar again (both left and right) Installed again: nothing changed Remove Top Navigation Menu: not responding Remove Layered Navigation Category: not repsonding Some help ?
Date published: 2012-10-02
Rated out of 5 by from Seem good but Remove Layered Navigation Category is set to yes but it still shows in
Date published: 2012-09-17
Rated out of 5 by from define parent category in "Parent Category" option... seems not work properly in magento 1.7.2... it shows all the category with its sub category no matter which option I chose.
Date published: 2012-09-12
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