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Speed up store management and easily bulk assign categories, product links, change prices, and more.
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Bulk Product Editing

Magento Extensions by Extendware

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Stop spending your valuable time making price adjustments, assigning categories, creating custom options, and other monotonous tasks. Use Magento Bulk Product Updating and apply these edits in bulk across your entire catalog. Magento Bulk Product Actions makes completing these quickly and easily. The extension will pay for itself in the time you will save managing your store!

With bulk product editing there will be many new Magento mass product actions that will allow you to make mass changes to many products in your product grid. The extension works great with our Magento Product Grid extension!

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Features / Benefits

Edit prices / special prices / MSRP prices / Cost price

Set prices / special prices to a specific value or apply increases / decreases in the form of +10.5, -10.5, +20%, -20%. Flexible rounding rules (none, floor, ceiling, rounding) and the ability to add a value after the price modification (0.99, 0.50, etc) allow you to guarantee pricing such as $45.99 or $54.50. For example, you can increase all prices by 5%, round down (floor), and add 0.99 so prices are of the form $XX.99. This greatly reduces management time.

Edit prices relative to other prices or cost

You can set the price relative to the cost and you can set the special price relative to cost or price. For example, set the price to be +20% of the cost and then set the special price to be -10% of the price. The possibilitie are endless!

Support for custom price attributes

If you have custom attributes with the decimal type you can enable it to be used for the bulk editing by simply selecting it in the graphical configuration.

Copy / delete tier / group prices

Tier /group prices are very time consuming to create for every single product. Many times products have the same tier / group prices. Now you just need to define the tier prices you want for one product and then you can copy that tier / group price to any other products. This can save you hours and it is even fully compatible with Magento Tier Price Percentages.

Assign / unassign / copy categories

Simply select the products you wish to apply the action to and either select the category or input the list of category IDs you wish you assign / unassign / copy. Nothing could be easier.

Manage related / cross-sell / upsell product links

Create related, cross-sell, and upsell product links with ease. You may select between 3 different algorithms to create the links:

  • One-way - selected products are (un)linked to inputted product
  • Two-way - selected products are (un)linked to inputted product and vice-versa
  • Multi-way - all products are (un)linked to each other
  • Copy custom options

    Creating the same custom options for every product is a very time consuming task. With Bulk Product Actions you can copy the custom options from one product to another. You can even choose whether you will replace any existing custom options or simply add to whatever custom options already exist.

    Duplicate products

    Easily duplicate multiple products so you can go in and edit their details later as you want.

    Delete products directly from the database

    If you need to delete a lot of products and you know what you are doing, you can delete them directly from the database. This will not run the before / after delete code, which will save a LOT of time.

    Change the attribute set of products

    Change the attribute set of a product with ease. This means you no longer have to delete / re-create a product to change the attribute set

    Have more free time to spend on income generating activities

    This extension, especially when combined with Tier / Group Price Percentages, will save you countless hours of performing mundane and repetitive tasks. This extra time can be spent on income generating activities such as marketing.

    Other Important Considerations and Resource

  • 30-day money back guarantee - no risk to you!
  • Responsive, helpful support
  • Frequent new releases - we do not abandon our Magento Extensions
  • Detailed installation and related documentation provided
  • Enterprise level product backed by a professional company
  • Extension trials are available
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