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Online vacation rental booking software to build the best accomodation site.
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Magento Connect 2.0

Magento Connect 2.0

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Airhotels script will be an utter solution for building the best accommodation site especially for vacationers worldwide. Airhotels script is solely designed for building an online marketplace for accommodation, interact directly with the service providers and transact straight away for the stay. Airhotels script also encrypts the features of some of the most popular vacation renting sites. Airhotels scripts also called Airbnb Clone Script which simplifies the booking services with transaction capabilities, offering room for the accommodation providers to deliver significant information such as cost, room types, convenience, location and many more. This makes the visitor of the website to search for the required information about the available rooms with ease.

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Admin Features
-Option to create a marketplace for finding accommodation and adding rooms for rented service
- Facilitates with booking services with complete payment transactions
- Allows the travel buffs to quickly browse, choose an accommodation, book, and pay online on-the-go and enjoy the web/mobile advantage
- Offers complete control over guest, host activities and site management with default Magento backend features
- Option to moderate/delete a property with email notification
- Option to cancel booking with email notification
- Facility to handpick and set the home page banner from recent, popular and selected properties
- Option to display/hide "Contact Me" in product detail page
- Facility to setup social sharing icons like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
- Option to set Title from backend
- Option to set service fee(%) for Guest from backend
- Option to set commission fee(%) for Host from backend
- Option to set price range for a property from backend

Host Features
- Facility to upload your profile picture and customer details
- Option to create edit and list property in categories and manage them
- Option to display/hide the property
- Option to add more attributes like Type, Accommodates, Privacy, Bedrooms, Amenities, Image Upload and Contacts for any property
- Option to track booking history of your property
- Option to manage reviews of your property
- Option to add location in property detail page via Google Map

Guest Features
- Facility to cancel booking
- Option to check availability status with Calendar view
- Facility to search city, country, date and no. of guests smartly
- Option to view recent/popular/selected properties via image slider on the home page
- Option to identify property with location map
- Option to post reviews for each property
- Option to contact property owners for availability details
- Option to track trip list from your account
- Easy to login via social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo
- Option to get detailed description on nearby property's location and host's other property information

Airhotel's Script - Use Case Module

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Airhotels Testaments:

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M1 Extension Versions

New Features

2016-02-11 09:56:46
  • Version number: 2.8
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2
Option to add videos in the home page banner space

Popular cities with experiences(Properties) will be shown based on the orders.

Host has to enter the his id proof,Video and Document Verification for Background verification.(Admin will verify the host based on these records).

Host can upload a video and also can add multiple images for his Experiences.

Verified Host will have a Badge like symbol in host page and property listing page.

Option to invite friends using Google+ and Facebook.

Host and customer can be verified through Nexmo SMS Notification system.

In advance search page map will come with price label to identify the property location.

Property Image Slider is available in Advanced Search list.

While adding Experiences, extra fee like cleaning and security fee can be added by host.

Subscription Plans are available to book the experiences based on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Share option on Property page available (Facebook,Google,Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In)

Checkout page with attractive layout.

Notification for profile update and messages received in inbox will be shown in dashboard(front end)

Profile Image can be cropped and host can add video about his profile.

Host can see Both Reviews posted by him and Reviews about his property shall be viewed simultaneously.

Security Feature that shows the last 10 login details like Time, browser and IP address in account dashboard.

Option to add Bank details and Paypal Information for host from his account.

Option to Preview the Experience(Property)

Several enhancements made and bug fixes perfected.

2013-10-29 12:43:35
  • Version number: 2.5
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8
Several enhancements made and bug fixes perfected.
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by apptha

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