White Paper: Methods and Best Practices for High Performance eCommerce with Magento Enterprise


Magento white paper, centered around Magento Enterprise Edition performance and metrics.  With a specific focus on optimizing both environment and software considerations, this white paper is meant to give you an enhanced understanding of techniques you can use to tune your Magento Enterprise Edition deployment and make sure you are using your available resources to their maximum potential.

The white paper is 28 pages and packed with information on topics like:

  • Performance Metrics and Testing Methodology
  • Hardware, Network and Software Stack Considerations
  • Magento Configuration Tips
  • Database Configuration and Management
  • Web Server and Session Handling
  • Accelerating PHP and Scalability

For those looking for a sneak peak, here is a look at the abstract:

The Magento Enterprise Edition subscription is the leading enterprise-grade, feature-rich eCommerce platform built on Open Source technology.  The Magento Enterprise Edition subscription provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility and control over the presentation, content and functionality of their eCommerce channel, giving merchants the power to create sites that provide an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for their customers.

The Magento Enterprise Edition is an open system designed to be flexible, completely scalable and configurable, easily tailored to merchants’ unique technical and business requirements and restraints. However, much like all flexible enterprise-grade software, custom configurations can often result in a number of places where incorrect configuration or insufficient resources can adversely affect performance.

In this Technical Whitepaper we provide an overview of architecture and design considerations, optimization guidelines and performance tuning tips for Magento Enterprise Edition as well as for the underlying hosting environment in an effort to provide best practices for maximizing Magento Enterprise Edition performance.

For more information and to download the white paper, please visit our new white paper section and check back frequently for other white papers covering a variety of topics.