Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition is open source eCommerce software used to power hundreds of thousands of online stores. It can be downloaded for free and is most frequently used by developers and small businesses. The core code can be modified by developers and enhanced by installing application extensions from the Magento Connect marketplace.

Community Edition users will want to have access to their own Magento experts, since Magento does not provide technical support for this software. Answers to many technical questions are available on the Magento Forum. Our open source community is growing and engaged to help support running your online store.

Are You a Large or Growing Merchant?

For large and growing businesses that require maximum performance and scalability, deeper out-of-the-box feature set and capabilities, technical support and account management, consider Magento Enterprise Edition.

Ready to Download Magento Community Edition?

The latest release and patches with feature and security updates are available for download below.

  • Full Release

    This is the latest stable release of the Magento Community Edition. Learn More »

    ver - Added Jul 7, 2015  
    - Includes patches: SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-6285


    The downloader will install the latest Magento version

    ver - Added Nov 24, 2014

    Sample Data

    Must be installed prior to the basic Magento Installation. Learn More »

    ver - Added Dec 3, 2014  

    Database Repair Tool

    The Database Repair Tool compares 2 databases (reference and target), and updates the target database so it has the same structure as the reference database. Learn More »

    ver 1.2 - Added September 19, 2014  

    Magento Community Edition Patches

    Please upload the patch into your Magento root directory and run the appropriate SSH command:
    For patch files with the file extension .sh:
    Example: sh
    For patch files with the file extension .patch:
    patch –p0 < patch_file_name.patch
    Once that is done, refresh the cache in the Admin under "System > Cache Management" so that the changes will be reflected. We highly recommend you test all patches in a test environment before taking them live.
    For further instructions, see: Installing a Patch for Community Edition

    SUPEE-6285 - This patch provides protection against several types of security-related issues, including information leaks, request forgeries, and cross-site scripting. - Added Jul 7, 2015
    Note: if you have previously applied patch PATCH_SUPEE-6285_CE_1.9.1.1_v1, please revert it and apply PATCH_SUPEE-6285_CE_1.9.1.1_v2. More information on reverting and applying patches is available here.
    Make sure to install SUPEE-5994 patch first. Magento Community Edition version 1.9.2 already includes the latest version of the patch. More information about the individual issues addressed by this patch is available in the patch release notes.
    SUPEE-6237 - The USPS changed their APIs on May 31, 2015, impacting shipping rate requests for international shipments to and from Canada. Some shipping rates will not be properly returned, and customers will not see all shipping options available to them. You can read more about the API change in a blog post written by WebShopApps, a Magento Partner. - Added Jun 18, 2015
    SUPEE-5994 - This patch addresses multiple security vulnerabilities in Magento Community Edition software, including issues that can put customer information at risk. - Added May 14, 2015
    More information about the individual issues addressed by this patch is available in the patch release notes.
    SUPEE-5344 - Addresses a potential remote code execution exploit. - Added Feb 9, 2015
    SUPEE-4829 - This patch fixes an issue in which product images become larger when a shopper selects a swatch on a search result page. - Added Nov 26, 2014
    Note: This patch is applicable only to Magento Community Edition 1.9.1
    SUPEE-1533 - Addresses two potential remote code execution exploits. - Added Oct 3, 2014
    Note: Please find details on this patch here.
    SUPEE-4291/4334 - This patch addresses the USPS API changes that went effective on Sep. 7th. - Added Sep 23, 2014
    Note: For versions earlier than Magento Community Edition 1.9.x, the new patches need to be installed on previous USPS patch (SUPEE-1868) issued in 2013. Please make sure the patch SUPEE-1868 is installed first.
    SUPEE-1868 - Update of USPS method names and integration from July 2013 to support USPS changes to their Priority and Express shipping options - Added Sep 23, 2014
    Note: This patch is applicable only to Magento Community Edition 1.7 and 1.8. The patch was released previously - double check if it is not already installed before applying.
    SUPEE-3941 - Addresses extension-related issues - Added Aug 12, 2014
    Note: please find details on this patch for Magento Community Edition 1.9 and Magento Community Edition 1.8.
    SUPEE-3762 - Prevents repeated SOAP index page call issue from causing customers to only see the Magento installation page - Added Aug 12, 2014
    Note: please find details on this patch here.
    SUPEE-2725 - Improves validation of Discover credit cards - Added Feb 12, 2014.
    Note: To verify the fix, you can use the sample credit card numbers from here to test the validation.
    PHP 5.4 - Support for PHP 5.4 - Added Jan 17, 2014
    APPSEC-212 - Addresses a security issue and CMS problems when using symlinks - Added Jan 17, 2014.
    Note: if you applied the previous version of this patch, make sure to revert it before applying this one. The previous patch is also provided for reference below.

    XMLConnect Module

    This is the latest stable release of the XMLConnect Module.

    ver 24 - Added Apr 22, 2015
  • ver

    ver - Added Jul 7, 2015  
    - Includes patches: SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-6285


    ver - Added May 1, 2015  
    Includes patch for the SUPEE-5344 issue
    ver - Added Nov 24, 2014  
    ver - Added May 15, 2014  
    ver - Added May 13, 2014  


    ver - Added Dec 11, 2013  
    ver - Added Sep 25, 2013  


    ver - Added Jul 5, 2012  
    ver - Added Jun 20, 2012  
    ver - Added Apr 24, 2012  


    ver - Added Jan 11, 2012  
    ver - Added Oct 19, 2011  
    ver - Added Aug 18, 2011 


    ver - Added Apr 26, 2011  
    ver - Added Feb 9, 2011  


    ver - Added Dec 8, 2010  
    ver - Added Jul 26, 2010  
    ver - Added Jun 10, 2010  
    ver - Added Feb 19, 2010  
    ver - Added Feb 12, 2010  

    ver 1.3.x

    ver - Added Apr 23, 2010  
    ver - Added Sep 23, 2009  
    ver - Added Jul 22, 2009  
    ver - Added Jul 1, 2009  
    ver - Added Jun 1, 2009  
    ver 1.3.2 - Added May 29, 2009  
    ver - Added May 19, 2009  
    ver 1.3.1 - Added Apr 17, 2009  
    ver 1.3.0 - Added Mar 30, 2009  
    Sample Data
    (must be installed prior to the basic Magento Installation)

    ver 1.2.x

    ver - Added Mar 3, 2009  
    ver - Added Feb 23, 2009  

    ver 1.2.1 - Added Feb 2, 2009  
    ver - Added Jan 23, 2009  
    ver - Added Jan 12, 2009  
    ver - Added Dec 30, 2008  
    ver 1.2.0 - Added Dec 29, 2008  

    ver 1.1.x

    ver 1.1.8 - Added Nov 26, 2008  
    ver 1.1.7 - Added Nov 19, 2008  
    ver 1.1.6 - Added Sep 17, 2008  
    ver 1.1.5 - Added Sep 15, 2008  
    ver 1.1.4 - Added Sep 2, 2008  
    ver 1.1.3 - Added Aug 13, 2008  
    ver 1.1.2 - Added Aug 1, 2008  
    ver 1.1.1 - Added Jul 24, 2008  

    ver. 1.0

    ver. 1.0 - Added March 31, 2008
    Sample Data
    (must be installed prior to the basic Magento Installation)
  • System Requirements

    Prior to installation we recommend that you review Magento's System Requirements.

    » View Magento's System Requirements

    Magento Reference Developer Documentation

    Reference articles to assist developers and integrators with installations, upgrades, patches, and customizations.

    » View Magento Developer Documentation

    Test Automation Framework

    Developing tests with Magento Test Automation Framework (TAF) is simple.
    Four simple steps to get started:

    1. Install git: If you don't have it installed already, make sure you download and install git from:
    2. Execute the following command from the command prompt:
      git clone DIR_for_CLONE
    3. Review the installation instructions at: [pdf]
    4. Before developing tests, make sure to review the User Manual [pdf]

    Magento Community Edition User Guide

    This most up-to-date documentation for the current release combines easy-to-follow tutorials with comprehensive reference material. Available in online (HTML) and offline (PDF) versions.

    » View Magento Community Edition User Guide

    Magento Designer's Guide

    A practical guide to the concepts and best practices of theme design for Magento 1.x stores. Leverage structural components, theme hierarchy, and fallback methods to create custom themes.

    » Download User Guide

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