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  • Watco
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    Watco is the UK’s leading direct supplier of building maintenance and industrial flooring products, with operations in countries throughout Europe and the US.

    Europe and North America

    Building maintenance and industrial flooring products

    Third-Party Integration, User Experience & Design, Marketing & Promotion

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  • “The relaunch of our three main websites was the biggest marketing project Watco has ever dealt with. Magento Enterprise was the best solution for the job.” Alex Barbier
    Watco Marketing Manager

  • Orders Double as Watco Centralizes eCommerce Efforts


    Integrate Multiple Sites into a Single eCommerce Revenue Center

    Before moving to Magento, each of Watco's country sites operated independently, with no integration to the central ERP system. Watco wanted a solution with features to support their marketing efforts and sales growth while also centralizing operations for their multi-country business.

    Watco’s priorities included:

    • Completely redesigning their existing websites
    • Integrating all operations into a central ERP system
    • Maintaining the ability to tailor marketing efforts to different customer bases


    Separate yet Integrated

    The international eCommerce specialist Crimsonwing implemented an eCommerce solution for Watco using Magento Enterprise. The new multi-lingual / multi-store and multi-brand solution allows each country’s marketing team and web administrators to update their sites with content, imagery and promotions that are relevant to their specific customer bases. Other benefits of the new site include:

    • Centralized product information
    • Seamless integration with Watco’s ERP system
    • Enhancements such as search engine optimization and tools for marketing, merchandising, and customer education
    • Multiple payment gateways


    More Customer Visits, More Marketing Intelligence

    Visits to the new Watco online store are well up over the previous year, and orders have doubled.

    • Enhanced web analytics helping Watco better manage marketing efforts
    • Average time customers spend on the site has doubled
    • Number of orders per day doubled
    • 68% more unique visits over previous year