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    Specializing in women’s fashion and accessories, American designer Tracy Reese launched her eponymous ready-to-wear line in 1996 and her second, more casual line, plenty by Tracy Reese, in 1998—to rave reviews. Tracy Reese has brick-and-mortar stores in New York and Tokyo, and she has designed for high-profile clients, such as First Lady Michelle Obama.

    North America

    Apparel & Accessories

    Design & User Experience, Marketing & Conversion, Performance & Scalability

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  • “Switching to Magento gave us the flexibility we needed to create a complete brand experience. We are truly excited about the new site and can’t wait to use all the functions we have now!” Karen Castellano
    CEO, Tracy Reese

  • Flexibility and Function Create a Complete Brand Experience


    Brand Harmony and a Flexible Platform

    Tracy Reese wanted to create an online experience that was in harmony with both the Tracy Reese and plenty brands. Their previous platform was old and outdated. It was difficult for users to tell the difference between the two brands. With Magento Enterprise Edition, Tracy Reese wanted to:

    • Create a unique environment that gave each brand a distinctive look and feel through the leverage of site flow, layouts and feature sets
    • Efficiently maximize resources and capabilities across the two brands to enhance the user experience
    • Capture more data on consumer preferences and locations to facilitate retail expansion
    • Have the flexibility to merchandize the products the way they wanted to, such as grouping by color on some pages and categories then breaking them up on others


    Enhanced Features, With the Flexibility to Grow

    Tracy Reese is heavily focused on increasing their sales, and felt that moving to an enterprise platform would not only grow the site's features, but give them the ROI they were looking for. What they liked about Magento Enterprise Edition:

    • A robust and advanced platform that allows for an ongoing road map for development
    • Additional features that are easily updated
    • Additional features that allow for enhanced integration with the existing blog platform
    • A price point that was within their budget range


    A Huge Jump in Sales and Other Key Areas

    Since the re-launch last year, eCommerce sales for Tracy Reese leapt 600% and they saw major growth in other key areas:

    • The conversion rate has increased by 59%
    • Revenue has increased by 163%.
    • Email marketing sales have increased 757%.
    • Facebook referrals have increased 72%
    • Visitors per day have increased by 45%
    • Page views have increased by 11%