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    Sole Society delivers high quality shoes, bags, and accessories at amazing prices. They deliver amazing style, direct to their customers with free shipping, all without the traditional retail markup.

    North America

    Fashion and Apparel

    Third-Party Integration and Performance and Scalability

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  • "Thanks to Guidance and their Varnish integration the site is now lightning fast. What an amazing difference! " William Bartley, CPO, Sole Society

  • Innovative Fashion Brand Gets a Big Performance Boost


    Improve Site Performance & Integrations

    Sole Society partnered with Guidance to improve its site performance, operations integrations and login functionality. The specific issues requiring improvement were:

    • The site was slow taking 10 plus seconds to load.
    • Login functionality required subscribed visitors to re-login in every visit.
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP integration results were not working correctly. It was not balancing transaction data and not calculating correctly.
    • The fulfillment center integration wouldn’t register the status of the order, wouldn’t clearly state the stage of fulfillment and it couldn’t provide data for multiple warehouses.


    Updated Caching & a Highly-Customizable Platform

    • To greatly enhance the site’s performance, Guidance reviewed the site’s Magento Enterprise Edition’s integration and upgraded the existing caching system with a Varnish caching system.
    • Guidance amended and upgraded the previous Microsoft Dynamics GP Magento integration.
    • Guidance overhauled the login functionality to recognize returning subscribed visitors and not requiring them to re-login again.
    • Sole Society’s operating efficiency was improved as a result of custom built admin screens for customer service, and a new fulfillment integration. Previously, customer service agents had no visibility into orders and required manual intervention from Technology to secure and supply that information.


    Amazing Speed & Happier Customers

    As a result of Guidance’ efforts, the web site page load time improved by 50% and the “quick view” functionality for all products improved from a four second load time to a 1.5 second load time—a 75% reduction! With new admin screens, customer service no longer has to wait for information, thereby improving customer response, customer satisfaction, and Technology time is freed up to move forward on website improvement and enhancement projects. The new integration is now much more adaptable and enables Sole Society the ability to add warehouses worldwide, and retrieve data from each of those warehouses.