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    ShopBAZAAR is a breakthrough online store, enabling readers to move from the inspiration of seeing desirable items in the magazine’s pages to acquiring them in a fully integrated experience, directed in its entirety by the editors of Harper’s BAZAAR.

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    Publishing & Fashion

    Third-party integration, configurable product ordering performance & scalability

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  • “Our editors’ best-of-the-best selections coupled with Magento’s platform enabled ShopBAZAAR to become a terrific eCommerce experience.” Carol A. Smith, VP/Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer

  • Fashion Publishing Pioneer Tailors Site to eCommerce


    Venturing into the Content-to-Commerce Market

    As America’s first fashion magazine, Harper’s BAZAAR is no stranger to being an industry pioneer; naturally, they decided to venture into the emerging content-to-commerce market with their eCommerce concept ShopBAZAAR. As a publishing business, Harper’s BAZAAR had many unique needs to address:

    • They did not want to keep inventory or establish warehouse and fulfillment operations.
    • They required the ability to offer products from many different designers in one unified shopping cart.
    • The experience had to be seamless between viewing an item in the print or digital magazine and purchasing.
    • The store had to stay grounded in BAZAAR’s innovative roots while propelling it into the future of fashion publishing.


    Other platforms were considered for BAZAAR’s distinct needs, but they chose to build on Magento Enterprise. Magento offered the complete package:

    • Long-term potential for scalability
    • Flexibility of its tool set
    • A competitive total cost of ownership
    • Drop shipping for individual specialty designers
    • Configurable product listings
    • Federated search and filtering
    • The ability to support promotions


    Setting a Standard for Content-to-Commerce Retail

    Since its launch in September 2012, ShopBAZAAR has seen:

    • Steady increases in traffic
    • Between December 2012 and January 2013, the amount of traffic coming to the site doubled.
    • They have also seen a significant uptake in media sales

    The success of ShopBAZAAR has opened the door to expand the idea to other publications in the Hearst family and has set a standard in the emerging world of content-to-commerce retail in the publishing industry.