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    Launched in 2006 as a sister company to popular Munich based brick-and-mortar shop THERESA (est. 1987), features luxury fashion from more than 180 high-end designers and ships to over 120 countries.

    EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa)

    Apparel and Accessories

    User Experience & Design, Multisite/Multinational,Performance & Scalability

    Magento Solution Partner

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  • "The superior flexibility and scalability of Magento Enterprise Edition supports our unique fashion publishing and retail business model globally.” Ulf Dammertz, Head of IT,

  • Luxury Shop Drives Global Content-to-Commerce Success


    Get Flexibility, Security & Scalability

    Like many web stores, started out on a small platform managed by only two people. Within three years, their existing site just couldn’t meet the needs of their unique business model or support their international growth. The major issues:

    • Maxed out traffic capacity
    • Basic security
    • Limited functionality stunting the user experience
    • Programming was in the core code, so difficult to change and upgrade
    • No mobile version
    • Hindered international expansion


    Flexible Site to Support Their Business Model & International Expansion

    After extensive research, partnered with Magento Solution Partner mzentrale to rebuild their site on Magento Enterprise Edition because of its robust feature set, flexibility and active community. “It was a very easy decision to go with Magento because the platform’s flexibility aligned with our unique business model,” said Head of IT Ulf Dammertz. Key capabilities on their wish list:

    • Flexibility to power their unique content to commerce approach
    • Ability to quickly and easily upload large volume of product updates multiple times per week
    • Customize caching to split channels by business needs rather than by traffic
    • Ability to dynamically support 19 parallel store views 


    Leading Europe in Luxury Goods

    With massive growth since launch, is now one of the leading luxury-fashion web stores in Europe. Since started working with Magento Enterprise Edition in 2011:

    • Annual business growth rate over 50%
    • They now have over 1.5M unique monthly visitors and 2,000 orders a day
    • Over 900 new pieces go live every week
    • Their mobile app has been downloaded over 45,000 times
    • International sales have grown substantially to make up over 60% of overall revenues