Customer Success Story

  • Landwirtschaftsverlag
  • Customer Profile

    Landwirtschaftsverlag is Germany’s leading agricultural publisher as well Europe’s biggest online marketer of agricultural machinery.


    Agricultural publisher

    Third-party integration, user experience

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  • Magento Enterprise’s ability to structure and enhance the product catalog with attribute sets along with synchronizing with existing ERP and CRM systems were critical elements of success.

  • European agricultural publisher powers seven sites with Magento


    A modular, flexible site that can handle seven unique shops

    Landwirtschaftsverlag wanted to expand their online presence, but they had already outgrown their eCommerce platform. They decided to switch to Magento Enterprise to accommodate their growth as well as seven different online shops.

    They needed a site that could:

    • Manage seven shops under one umbrella environment that integrates with their centralized management systems
    • Be modular and easily customizable
    • Support the latest security features
    • Integrate with their external CMS, ERP, fulfillment, email marketing and media storage
    • Allow them to introduce more ambitious marketing strategies and options


    One instance of Magento for a powerful multi-site online channel

    Landwirtschaftsverlag chose Magento Gold Partner Symmetrics to integrate the seven sites and add a high number of custom modules for integration, subscriptions, preorders and marketing.

    Symmetrics provided:

    • Integration of middleware
    • Ability to preorder products
    • Integration of an external CDN
    • Quick-buy functionality


    Business improvements and happy customers

    Landwirtschaftsverlag’s Magento Enterprise Edition sites now:

    • Synchronize product and customer data with their ERP and CMS systems
    • Offer modern online shopping features such as downloadable products, wish list functionality, and cart price rules
    • Integrate an external content delivery network (CDN) for images as well as new CMS widget extensions