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  • Kaiser + Kraft
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    KAISER + KRAFT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of office, workshop and warehouse equipment. The company is represented by 44 subsidiaries in 27 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

    North America, Europe, Northern Asia

    Industrial & Commercial Supplies

    Performance & Scalability, Third Party Integrations, Multi-site & Multinational

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    KAISER + KRAFT Conquers Another Continent with Magento

    KAISER + KRAFT has been Europe’s preeminent office, workshop and warehouse equipment supplier for years. But when the company set its sights on Asia, it needed a whole new kind of eCommerce solution. KAISER + KRAFT chose Magento Partner BysoftChina to develop and support its online presence in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Japan. Three different markets. Three different cultures.


  • “We really enjoyed the open source strategy with Magento. The fact that a community of users and developers of similar expectations was delivering solutions that could easily be adopted was inspirational.” Liu Yang
    Kaiser + Kraft China CMO

  • Magento Enterprise Enables a Pan-Asian eCommerce Solution


    Build and Operate Multiple International Sites

    Kaiser + Kraft needed an eCommerce solution that would support their rapid expansion into the Chinese and Japanese markets.

    The company’s operational objectives were to…

    • Establish separate servers in Mainland China, Japan, and Hong Kong with rigorous levels of data synchronization and data security
    • Maintain customer loyalty and comfort with their brand
    • Customize international websites while retaining brand consistency


    Three Interlinked Servers

    Kaiser + Kraft tapped Magento Silver Partner BysoftChina to implement robust eCommerce websites in China and Japan using Magento Enterprise.

    • Used Magento Enterprise content staging feature to help manage over 100 product catalogs
    • Integrated intelligent search capability to make it easy for users to find any product among thousands of choices
    • Designed localized sites to match look and feel of popular print catalogs
    • Developed grouping structure that allows administrators to create and manage products at all levels with ease
    • Implemented a tool to let administrators automatically synch product pricing and data with inventory management system (ERP)
    • Included full page caching


    Simplicity and Efficiency

    Kaiser + Kraft has an efficient eCommerce site for both shoppers and administrators.

    • BysoftChina launched complex Chinese and Japanese websites in only 4 months
    • Developers only had to write code once to implement multiple sites
    • Users can find any product without difficulty
    • Different administrators can manage their own site data while benefiting from a shared back end