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    In Kind Direct is an organization that redistributes surplus goods from some of Britain’s best-known manufacturers and retailers to over 8,000 UK charities.


    B2B Wholesale

    User Experience & Design and Third Party Integration

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  • “This project has enabled In Kind Direct to become a far more effective online enterprise, with all the very real benefits this brings for our organization and thousands of charities.”
    Neil Chawla
    In Kind Direct Head of IT

  • Integration and Customization Drive Online Growth


    Limited eCommerce Capability

    In Kind Direct has come a long way from its beginnings as a paper catalogue-based organization

    Charities and the companies that donate goods both expressed the desire to operate online. To address their needs, In Kind Direct launched an eCommerce site several years ago. But they quickly outgrew the sites capabilities exposing the need for a fully customized, responsive online operation.

    In Kind Direct reaized that their upgraded site would need to...

    • Transition from a monthly ordering cycle to the continuous movement of goods
    • Accommodate rapid expansion
    • Incorporate sophisticated features without interrupting ongoing daily operations


    Integration and Customization with Magento

    In Kind Direct’s technical team identified Magento Enterprise as the market’s strongest eCommerce platform and hired Solution Partner Crimsonwing to implement the new site. To meet In Kind Direct's needs, Crimsonwing:

    • Integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 ERP system with Magento Enterprise using a NAV connector to manage product inventory
    • Made changes to ERP before interfacing with Magento to avoid interrupting day-to-day business
    • Added self-service functions to allow charity partners to manage their own accounts


    Enhanced for Present and Future Use

    The resulting site has eliminated the previously complex aspects of managing donations on the front end, along with the tedious manual processes of administration on the backend. Specific enhancements include:

    • More efficient inventory management and goods distribution
    • Improved accuracy of stock, order, and customer data
    • Self-service capabilities for charities that reduce the burden on the customer service department
    • Reduced site maintenance costs with Magento’s easy-to-use admin
    • New framework that allows additional third party systems to easily communicate with In Kind Direct for future enhancements