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  • HoMedics
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    HoMedics has been a leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of personal wellness products for more than 20 years.

    North America


    User Experience & Design, Multi-Site Capabilities, Third Party Integration, Performance & Scalability

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  • HoMedics recognized the value of Magento early on. They continue to experience strong online growth across multiple brands with the help of Magento Enterprise.

  • Healthier Online Sales for Personal Wellness Leader


    Handling New Partnerships, Managing Unprecedented Growth

    HoMedics has used Magento since the earliest days of the platform to sell thousands of trademarked health, wellness and relaxation products, including well-known brands such as The House of Marley, Powermat, Taylor and Salter. Following a period of major expansion, HoMedics updated their online presence to better serve brand partnerships and support their rapid growth.

    HoMedics wanted a new site that would…

    • Allow integration of its corporate site with new brands
    • Maintain integrity of all brand identities
    • Keep track of expanded number of products and product codes


    Implement a Next Generation Platform

    HoMedics worked with Magento Gold Solution Partner Grand River to launch an improved eCommerce store on Magento Enterprise Edition. The new site...

    • Established integration between the main corporate site and individual brand sites
    • Facilitated a unique look and feel and navigation for each sub-site
    • Provided HoMedics with a central interface through which all sites can be administered
    • Enabled HoMedics to diversify and scale without significant cost increases
    • Delivered an easy-to-use shopping experience


    Online Sales Skyrocket

    After implementing the changes to its eCommerce stores, HoMedics experienced dramatic improvement in every significant online sales metric…

    • 49% increase in number of products purchased
    • 49% rise in transactions
    • 43% growth in average order value
    • 32% bump in conversion rate