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    After noticing the waste and expense that offices were incurring with traditional wall-to-wall carpeting, FLOR, Inc. launched its “carpet tile” solution in 1973.

    Today the majority of offices in the world are covered with the modular floor covering that FLOR devised.

    North America

    Office Flooring Solution

    Third-Party Integration, Design & User Experience, Marketing & Promotion, Configurable Products

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  • The company that changed the way offices are carpeted transformed their online presence with Magento Enterprise.

  • Flor Covers All the Bases with Magento Enterprise Edition


    Challenge: An Outdated Interface for a Pioneering Company

    FLOR’s original eCommerce site was, in the words of the company’s Webmaster, “very outdated, inflexible, with a poor interface.”

    Shortcomings of the original site…

    • Every basic change and new feature addition would break major site components
    • Inadequate order processing and data flow capabilities
    • Not set up to automatically fulfill custom orders
    • Not optimized for an ideal user experience


    An Efficient, Manageable Platform

    FLOR enlisted development firm 50,000feet to recreate its eCommerce site on the Magento Enterprise platform

    • Modular structure allows features to be added/removed without breaking the site
    • User-facing store integrates seamlessly with fulfillment functions, cloudbased tax management solution, and call center
    • Custom Builder application lets users envision and design their own rugs, runners, and “FLOR-tiled” wall-to-wall carpets
    • New functionality enables product search, comparisons, and suggestions
    • No customer service help needed to browse, specify, and order products


    Better Sales, Service, and Operations

    FLOR’s new eCommerce store and administrative operations are now more organized, more scalable, and perform better because of Magento’s power and flexibility.

    • Online sales increased
    • Customer satisfaction enhanced
    • Integration with back-end systems improved
    • Site administration work significantly reduced
    • Expanded availability for customer service reps to consult on complex orders, advanced sales, and service issues