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    An interactive lifestyle hub for magicians, offering instructional media and accessories to make magic intuitive and fun.

    North America

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    Promotion & Marketing, UX & Design, and Configurable Product Ordering

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    A Magical Transformation for Dan and Dave

    April 16, 2012

    Dan and Dave have built a business and a community around magic. Their online store serves as an interactive lifestyle hub for magicians worldwide, not only offering instructional media and accessories, but a place where magic enthusiasts can share and learn the tricks of the trade.


  • “Having a system that just works, we can now use our time to focus more on delivering content.”
    Dan Buck
    co-founder Dan and Dave

  • A Magical Transformation for Dan and Dave


    Completely redesign a dynamic new site from scratch

    Dan and Dave were frustrated with their online presence and felt they were constantly paying for features and development they should already have. They decided to start with a blank slate and create an innovative eCommerce site that would give their users an experience, not just a place to shop. The site should encourage customers to explore their products, leave feedback, and interact with a growing community of students and practitioners of magic. Dan and Dave wanted a system that could help them grow their business and then support this growth over the long run.


    Dan and Dave turns to Digital Operative for the perfect site

    Dan and Dave chose Magento Solution Partner Digital Operative (DO) in part because DO was local and could brainstorm features and design problems in person. DO introduced Dan and Dave to Magento.

    DO concentrated on giving Dan and Dave a user-friendly site full of interactive features with great performance that would be easy for Dan and Dave to manage themselves.


    A dynamic new site that “just works”

    Dan and Dave’s online store now functions the way they want it to, freeing them to focus on content and their community.

    The redesigned site offers:.

    • Customer incentives to explore, buy more, and leave feedback
    • Subscription-based products
    • The ability to choose between formats (DVD, download, eBook) directly on a product page
    • Dynamic, tiered pricing
    • Product up-sells and cross-sells
    • A customer reward (points) system