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The Editing-Toolbar is based upon the one from MediaWiki. It becomes visible above the editbox automatically if your Browser is capable of the needed JavaScript. They work pretty much like the formatting buttons in your favourite word processor. In Mozilla and IE you can select a word and press a button to format the selected word. If you click without a selection, it inserts sample text at the cursor.

Browsers without support to insert at the current cursor position will add the string to the end of the edit box.

Button Key Function
b bold formatting
i italic formatting
u underlined formatting
d strikethrough formatting
1 size 1 headline
2 size 2 headline
3 size 3 headline
4 size 4 headline
5 size 5 headline
l link formatting
external link formatting
ordered list item
unordered list item
horizontal rule
Media Selection
smiley picker
character picker
y signature (only when logged in)
c spell checker