Steps to solve re-indexing errors in Magento Admin

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While re-indexing from the Magento Admin Panel sometimes we get errors like “An error occurred while saving the URL rewrite” or “cannot initialize indexer process” , etc

So method to solve the above problem:-

1.Go to the Magento root installation directory through FTP or Cpanel or etc and goto var/locks directory and delete all the files under it.

2. Go to the Magento database by login to phpMyAdmin or etc and run the below MySQL query

<code> DELETE cpop.* FROM catalog_product_option_price AS cpop INNER JOIN catalog_product_option AS cpo ON cpo.option_id = cpop.option_id WHERE cpo.type = ‘checkbox’ OR cpo.type = ‘radio’ OR cpo.type = ‘drop_down’; DELETE cpotp.* FROM catalog_product_option_type_price AS cpotp INNER JOIN catalog_product_option_type_value AS cpotv ON cpotv.option_type_id = cpotp.option_type_id INNER JOIN catalog_product_option AS cpo ON cpotv.option_id = cpo.option_id WHERE cpo.type <> ‘checkbox’ AND cpo.type <> ‘radio’ AND cpo.type <> ‘drop_down’; </code>

Note :- It is advisable to take backup of database before running the above SQL query.

3.Login to Magento Admin panel & again re-index from Index management panel


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