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1. Purpose of this document

This document describes the necessary basic knowledge of Magento for the configuration of the Datatrans interface for Magento.

2. Features of the interface

This interface provides the following options:

  • Standard Mode
  • Security level 2
  • Usage of the Post URL

3. Configuration Datatrans

3.1 UPP Data

All URLs (success, error, cancel and post) must be set in the back end (Web Admin Tool) of Datatrans. The URLs must be built like this:

Type URL





3.2 Security

Security Level 2 ith two keys (sign and sign2).

4. Configuration Magento

Find the Magento-configuration in System > Configuration > Payment Methods in the tab Datatrans Standard Mode.

4.1 Explanation of fields

4.2 Logging

Log entries will only be made if the Datatrans Magento Modul operates in test mode and if the general logging in Magento is activated (Magento-internal loggin functions will be used). The logging in Magento can be activated in the menu System > Configuration> Advanced > Developer. The loggings are written in to the System Log File. The following information is logged:

  • Sent data to Datatrans (Request)
  • Received data from Datatrans from the post URL (Response)
  • Call of the different URLs

The logfile on the webserver can be found in the configured name.


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