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The Magento Ogone Module provides an interface to the Ogone Getaway payment. In fact, it allows you to offer to your customers to choose some payment modes you have activated through your Ogone e-Commerce back office.

Test or Production

This module has two execution modes : Test or Production. The test url and the production url of Ogone are defined in the ogone/etc/mage_ogone.xml.

How it works ?

With the configuration payment you could setup different options like colors, templates, more technical features.

So, when your customer is ready to pay he chooses between the deferent payment modules you have activated in Magento. If the Magento Ogone Module is active and customers choose this one to pay their order a list of all allowed cards and operators appear. Customers click on what they want and confirm to pay. So it will be redirected to the Ogone Payment page that you can customize. After a valid or and invalid transaction customers could come back to your site. In your Ogone settings back office you can select to send a confirmation of the transaction to the customer. For that the Magento Ogone Module transmit the customers email address to Ogone platform. To secure the exchange the module crypt a string that certify data sent and received. A specific field configuration is mandatory (Key encrypted exchanges). If the transaction is validated orders will be in a spending state (for the moment). You have to change the state in the Magento Admin.

How configure it ?


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